who is Rose A. Weinberg

Wellness Expert | Author | Speaker | Registered Homeopath | Reiki Master & Reiki Educator | Nutritionist
Founder & Chair Project BeamON | Founder Reikifusion™ & rawenergywear™ & Founder WellnesWrx & WellnessWorksSpace™ | Dog lover | 
Fulfilled Wife ~ Mom

“How can I inspire people to feelgood?” That is the question Rose A. Weinberg asks herself everyday. Committed to her own personal growth, Rose greets the day with a smile and a deep NOWbreath™. If inspiring people to feelgood is Rose’s purpose, then the result of her efforts are being fulfilled one-day-at-a-time, by touching the lives of others with her feelgood rawenergy.

Rose & Koda 4 copy CROPPEDRose A. Weinberg transformed her past of panic disorder, fear and an undiagnosed autoimmune disease, into a spiritual journey of wellbeing. Through commitment to her own personal growth she fulfilled her 3 purposes set forth at age 31. To be a extraordinary wife and mom to her extraordinary husband and two kids, to find her purpose and to simply feelgood. Today, Rose lives feelgood, and helps others with their own transformations to feelgood. And she humbles herself as a fulfilled Wife, Mom and dog lover. Over the past 17 years Rose created a unique approach for attainable and sustainable wellness, offering people simple wellness choices to feelgood at work, rest and play.

Rose A. Weinberg, Registered Homeopath, Reiki Master and Educator, Nutritionist, Author, Speaker, has a business and marketing background, Creator of Reikifusion™, rawenergywear™, WellnessWorksSpace™, Distinguished Toastmaster, dog lover and a Fulfilled Wife and Mom!

In 2006 Rose founded The Feel Good Company Inc., for the purpose of creating attainable and sustainable wellness with a Reiki-attuned-bamboo-clothing line, and Rosee’s Gluten-free treats.

At present The Feel Good Company launched it’s new line of wearables, rawenergywear™ a product line attuned to rawenergy+Reiki with peace, purpose and feelgood energy to wear, share and hold.

In 2011 Rose founded and created Project BeamON, a worldwide not-for-profit-organization committed to donating Reiki-blankets to people with cancer in an effort to provide comfort, warmth and peace during their healing process.

Rose’s feelgood message is “Live one day at a time, in purpose to achieve peace of mind.”

Rose’s public speaking repertoire includes private or corporate events and workshops, as she facilitates inspiration on wellness by offering her message to “Live one day at a time, in purpose to achieve peace of mind.”

Rose’s first published book, “Go Forward: How my obsession with illness became my passion for health,” released in 2005, has impacted thousands of lives. This is Rose’s story about her fears, panic attacks and undiagnosed autoimmune disease, alongside her life as a child of Holocaust survivors. Throughout her childhood, teens and young adolescence she believed that there was a ‘feelgood’ life for her and today she inspires others with her success story.

She is equally excited about her second book “the feelgood life! 93 feelgood-insights to keep life stupid simple,” which was released in 2013. Rose is living a vibrant life in her community of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada with her family. She is greatly admired and respected in the city of Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and throughout the GTA. She frequently appears on radio, television, corporate platforms such as seminars and workshops, inspiring others with her story and wellness knowledge.


About Rose NOW

The Woman Behind WellnessWrx

WellnessWrx was created and designed by Chief Executive Sage, Rose A. Weinberg. She is a Wellness Developer, Author, Speaker, Fulfilled Wife and Mom, and Loves Dogs.

“Everyone’s journey is unique. For my own, I began my path to wellness when I experienced my own wellness adversity in my teens, through to my 20’s and 30’s. Through my process of constantly searching for advice and solutions from others, I gained my own strength and empowerment. I developed a unique level of leadership and communication, educating myself to get to where I am today. With this, I began offering wellness solutions to family, friends and clients, well beyond the treatment room.

Over the past 28 years, I have grown, developed, and evolved within the wellness industry, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. With my gift of relationship building, combined with my caring for others, I often extend what I can offer to family, friends and clients by referring them, beyond my capacity of wellness to the best of the best matching their request of what works for their journeys. I’ve been in successful practice for 18 years, running 2 satellite offices, and a home-based office for the better of 13 years. Over the past year and a-half, spending time developing the next stage of wellness for everyone by creating WellnessWrx to help both the conscious evolving client and the accredited providers who may need the marketing and management portal to help build their practice.

WellnessWrx is built on my labour of love and caring for the client to the provider, offering to do the search, and ensuring that all WellnessWrx Providers are accredited and insured. Clients are offered the best wellness care they deserve wherever they are, and providers are able to expand and grow their network, thus, my efforts helping more and more and more, people to true wellness that wrx!

I’m passionate about people empowering themselves to feelgood, and WellnessWrx offers this.”

With gratitude Rose A. Weinberg, Cheif Executive Sage, CEO, Founder

Business building in partnership – from creative conception to 4 years of building a successful platform in a new market place to selling in good standing.
Began Degree program for Homeopathy & Holistic Nutrition
Rose began her natural health practice in Richmond Hill. Rose began teaching all levels of the Usui Lineage of Reiki, helping 1000’s of individuals from beginners to Reiki Masters reach their ultimate level of personal and intuitive growth.
Rose published Go Forward, the story of her transformation from illness to health. Defining her contribution to empower others to feel good!
Rose, founder of The Feel Good Company Inc., offering attainable and sustainable wellness products, workshops, WellnessWorksSpace to impact peoples lives with peace, purpose and feelgood energy, at work, rest and play.
Rose created and facilitated “Meditate for Life”, a course designed to share meditation, nutritional and lifestyle skills that can be used anywhere, anytime.

Founded Project Beam On – a non-profit organization that is committed to donating Reiki-blankets to people with cancer world wide. www.projectbeamon.org Nominated for RBC’s Women of Influence Entrepreneur Award 2011, 2012

Connect with Rose for a one-on-one, workshop availability, or have Rose share her vibrant, playful, inspiring feelgood rawenergy at your next event!

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rawenergy@rosaweinberg.ca | 647-999-3733

Registered with
the Ontario College of Homeopaths #15142 |

Member of
Ontario Homeopathic Association

Member of
the Canadian Reiki Association

Founder of


The Feel Good Company Inc.

Project BeamON
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