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Montana Our Sun is 4.5 billion years old but it is not going to exists forever. Some 5-6 billion years from now when all the hydrogen is fused into helium in its core, the Sun will turn into a red giant. Even before that happens, the Sun will become much hotter and will expand, engulfing the closest planets. Humans will have to relocate to Mars or some other planet.  I am not sure what other viewers of the series “The Universe” were thinking while watching the “Dark future of the Sun” episode, but as a practical homeopath, I could not stop thinking about a remedy I would take with me if I had to relocate to another planet. The space in the spaceship will probably be scarce, so I might be able to take only one remedy. After short deliberation I knew that Arnica Montana will be the one. Arnica Montana is a first aid homeopathic remedy par excellence, I always carry it with me, especially, while traveling.

Arnica Montana is one of the best known and most loved homeopathic remedies, its amazing properties have been experienced by many since it was introduced by Hahnemann in 1805.  Arnica Montana is made from a plant leopard’s bane and can be toxic if taken in high concentrations, but is safe if taken as a homeopathic remedy. It can be used externally, as a homeopathic cream or gel to relieve bruising, sore muscles and sprains. It can be taken internally to minimize pain from injuries, head trauma, dental work, surgery, childbirth, exercise, lifting and overexertion. If you are planning a vigorous workout, bike ride or backyard cleaning you can minimize next day stiffness and aches by taking Arnica Montana. If you hear the word trauma, Arnica Montana is the remedy to try first. ArnicaMontana helps with aftershock, swelling and pain. There are some specific indications that will guide us to use Arnica Montana versus other shock remedies. A person that needs Arnica Montana says that he is fine and does not need help, even when it is obvious to everyone else that he does. The whole body feels sore and bruised. If the shock causes the person to worry, Arnica Montana is the remedy. If the shock causes intense fear, than Aconite will be the remedy to try.Montana can be also used to minimize bleeding, jet lag, and to stimulate hair growth.

For acute trauma (just happened recently) a good potency to use is 30C. For chronic pain or if you have tried 3-7 doses of the remedy and did not get relief for your symptoms, call your homeopathic practitioner for advice and suggestions for a remedy.

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