Bagel World Maple 4+ raw-yums

It’s not because you can get GF bagels at Bagel World (that’s a bonus for those who want this) and it’s not because I miss a part of my youth having breakfast at a bagel place. I went to Bagel World Maple because we (the family) were all together at the North JCC on Sunday April 7th, for The Annual Yom Hashoah V’Hagvurah Community Commemoration Event where my dad was the keynote speaker. Well, were does a nice Jewish-plus family go after such an event for a bite to eat. Yup a bagel place. Bagel World on Wilson Avenue in Toronto was Jeff’s and my Sunday morning hang out from the time we started dating in 1978 until 1983. And now there are Bagel Worlds everywhere.

My daughter, Staci and her boyfriend Nick have been to Bagel World Maple numerous times and suggested we all go there. To my surprise it was great! I ordered a dish that I did not know had a name. It is something I make at home with eggs, tomato sauce and veggies. Well, it has a name; Shakshuka – 2 eggs served on turkish salad. It’s served hot in the pan in which it is cooked. It is yum! The dished filled me up, it was healthy, hot and fun to eat out of the pan. My daughter had this ginormous salad, with chopped egg and tuna and she loved it. All around everyone enjoyed their late breakfast-brunch-lunch. Our server was friendly and helpful. And I had the opportunity to meet David who owns this location with his wife Sandra. He too was friendly and seemed very attentive to having his customers feel welcome in his restaurant home.

The plaza is at Major Mackenzie and Dufferin on the North East side. It’s were Koda got her first fur-cut at the Pet Value.    4+ raw-yums