As mentioned in a previous review we met Allan Voves owner of The Burger Cellar; burger grill and wine bar at 3391 Yonge Street, Toronto. This past Friday cousin Frances, cousin Marc, Jeff and I went for dinner. We were greeted at the front by two charming hostesses, one of them is Allan’s younger daughter. Yes, this is a family run business, not only because some of Allan’s family works with him, but because, as we quickly found out, the staff works together like one big family. The decor is inviting, casual and comfortable. You can’t beat that. Allan joined us at the table and offered us some yummy wine. I don’t drink often, and when I do, it’s because I like the social environment I am in and because I am offered something special. At first Allan, offered us a bottle of wine of our choice. We all decided that a simple glass for our personal taste would be wonderful. Each one of us had a glass that seemed to please our individual pallets. There is an extensive menu for those of you who love your burgers, including lamb which is gluten-free, turkey NOT GF and beef burgers which are gluten-fre and a veggie burger which is homemade. Unfortunately the veggie burger was not gluten-free, so that was not an option for me. However, in discussion with Allan, he shared that he will be working on some more choices for gluten-free vegetarian options. I am hoping to be part of that discussion.

The beef burger fans liked their meals. I tasted the fries and the sweet potato fries which were good. Sweet potatoes fries are my favourite. Although at this point the kitchen uses the same fryers for everything including the onion rings so I take my chances with cross contamination with regards to gluten when eating the fries. So be cautious gluten-freeers’, however, I was fine and the taste was great.

There were not to many options for a gluten-free vegan dinner so I decided to try the tuna tacos seared ahi tuna, daikon slaw, sesame and white wine vinaigrette, and a wasabi wine aioli, and they made it for me in lettuce wraps. It was delicious. The wasabi dip that came with the three taco’s worked so well with the taste of the veggies and the ahi tuna. I would go back and have this again, and again. I truly enjoyed my meal. It was just the right amount of food too. I started with arugula and spinach salad, which I found refreshing and really yummy. Jeff was not as happy with his turkey burger, and we talked about it. Although he said it was good, I think when we go back he will try a beef burger, turkey burgers are not on his fav list. The cousins, Fran and Marc enjoyed their burgers tremendously.

Our server Jamie was so social, intuitive and attentive. As I mentioned before and will again and again a feelgood meal is ideally feelgood when it goes along with a feelgood social experience. Being with our cousins, having Allan hang out with us and having the opportunity to have Jamie share his charm through out the evening completed a very nice visit for me.

As for Allan Voves, he is a special person. Allan has been in the restaurant business for many years and The Burger Cellar is his three-year new baby and he loves it because he loves to offer good food and a great social experience to people. Kudo’s to you Allan, living your dream!

In this review the growth point I have for The Burger Cellar would be to offer a gluten-free vegetarian burger (homemade would be outstanding) and to have Jeff and I go back, so he can pick a meal he enjoy’s alongside the great wine, wonderful staff and the social experience.

The Burger Cellar, offers something for everyone, as a family, fun date night or to just hang out with friends and enjoying a nice glass of wine. The atmosphere is friendly, energetically light and fun and the menu has some good wholesome food.

I will update a review on this restaurant with some new gluten-free options and to let you know that Jeff enjoyed his meal.

For now Allan Voves gets a 5+ for being a wonderful host when you enter into his home at The Burger Cellar.

Overall all I offer for atmosphere, service, presentation and food a 3+ RAW-yums for Burger Cellar. I will defiantly go back to The Burger Cellar, it could become one of my go-to-restaurant-peeps. P.S. It offers gluten-free beer. ask for Allan and tell him Rose says hi