About Energy Balancing

When your energy feels balanced there is a sense that everything is aligned at work, rest and play. You energy-balance-massageare connected to your physical, mental and emotional self in a way that allows freedom of flow, be and do energy even when your day maybe filled with stress, rush and crazy.

Rose’s unique energy balancing treatment is based on several ancient healing techniques that harmonize the body, mind and soul in gaining insight to a life filled with balance. With the combined efforts of Reiki, Rose connects to the energy field of a person and assists in either clearing non-beneficial energies and blockages or creating balance through ones energy channels.

Challenges can be accumulated such as layers of imbalances from birth, heritage, childhood, illness,
traumas, past lives, or obstacles that have been interjected to ones state of existence. Energy is the basis of all living things, and balanced energy helps to eliminate challenges such as pain, fatigue, chaos,
stress, or diseases of the mind, body and soul.

Rose’s unique, gentle, and effective intuitive energy shifts will assist all aspects of life to create harmony and health. The foundation of Rose’s practice and is included in all treatments alongside Reiki.


“Life is a series of learning experiences, shifting us to an awareness of higher consciousness and higher vibration. The roller coaster of life is an integral part of our journey. It strengthen us to a consciousness before we reach a state of awareness.”
Rose A. Weinberg

30minute Reiki/Energy Balancing Appointments Available