Over the past year it has been a pleasure to frequently have a wonderful italian meal 5 minutes from home. Farro Ristorante on 2316 Major Mackenzie Drive in Maple is about 5 minutes from home unless there is traffic and then it’s 8 minutes. We love italian food, Jeff can have his arrabiata spicy pasta, or lamb chops, or veal chops and I can enjoy different fish options grilled with veggies. I’ve tried a few dishes at Farro. The Gluten free rice pasta is cooked to enjoy. I usually have  penne with vongole- pasta tossed with Steam Clams in a white wine sauce. Some restaurants that offer this make the pasta either mushy or too el dante – carboardy, Farro cooks the pasta so that it’s fluffy enough to soak up some of the flavours of the sauce, and yet there is still enough sauce and flavour to scoop up with my fork and enjoy the clams. I make this at home, if I order in a restaurant more than once it’s because the restaurant makes it so good I feel as though I am nurtured with love. At Farro I feel this. I also repeatedly have the tilapia. This dish is outstanding. It’s a large portion of fish, steamed veggies and grilled potatoes. On Saturday’s because there busiest night of the week, they offer this dish with mashed potatoes. I usually don’t have this, so they offer me extra veggies. Jeff loves this restaurant he gets his large portion, extremely tasty and spicey enough for him to have a smile on his face at the end. Although every time at the end of his meal, the server comes to check on us and asks how the meal was, Jeff always answers with, “good, but not enough!” with a big grin on his satisfied face. As for me, I leave this restaurant feeling very full and fulfilled because the atmosphere and the wait staff is excellent, with the added bonus of “wow, good food, feeling good, fun and interactive atmosphere and the price is great!”

4+ raw-yums   www.farroristorante.com