feelgoodL’Shana Tova Tikatevu

L’shana Tova Tikatevu

The sound of voices saying “l’shana tova tikatevu” permeates throughout synagogues worldwide on Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashanah marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year and is celebrated through ceremonial well wishes for the future.

What does “l’shana tova tikatevu” mean?

The Hebrew phrase “l’shana tova tikatevu” translates to “Wishing us all a good year.” Because Judaism has a community-minded focus, the well wishes are meant to be for the entire community. When one member of the community does well, all benefit.

(Thank you to judaism.answers.com for above information)

I love this time of year

During this time of year, I pause for reflection. Similar to a business plan review to see if my business is on track, I take a good look at my life plan and see if I am aligned with my life’s purpose. This past year has been a year filled with acceptance and gratitude which has resulted in understanding how to obtain and sustain peace. I have grown into a deeper understanding of love, which has raised my vibration of growing and clearing paths filled with love, and focus. Mastering living one day at a time is fulfilling and freeing, although challenging at times, to quote Dr. Usui (Founder of Usui System of Reiki). I live in trust that I am on track with achieving my ultimate purpose; helping others obtain and sustain #thefeelgoodlife!

The energy of now, no mater what religion, belief, or phylosphy you follow I offer you all l’shana tova tikatevu! May this year bring you, your families, your extended communities feelgoodSustainableWellness, fun and abundance.

With love and gratitude feelgood always, Rose