Forna Cultura Bakery


How crazy is it that I am going to post this review when I have not personally had anything to eat in this bakery that is on the south side of King Street West, Toronto. Well it’s not crazy, it’s me. Forno Cultura opened up this satellite location just this year. They are a family run bakery in Vaughan.

I can’t post about the taste of the products, although they offer me a gluten-free sample every time I go in. I can, however, post about the feedback I witness from my peeps about the products. We discovered this bakery 2 weeks ago upon the recommendation of my son, Evan. Since our first visit there we have been back 4 times. Evan and Staci, who are gluten-free said they love the baked goods from here.

This past weekend we went twice, once on Friday night when we took Jeff’s brother for dessert after dinner at The Big Smoke. The two of them where handed a biscotti by one of the owners and I watched them both bite into the cookie then looked up and nodded their heads with approval. And yesterday we went with our friends Myriam, Josh and Ari, who were visiting from Michigan. After tasting a cookie Myriam bought a box filled with cookies to take home with her. I view that as a good sign.

Co-owners of the bakery, I believe are cousins and have the same name. Sorry if the spelling is off, but both gentleman’s name is Andrea. One of the Andrea’s knows about Reiki and has learned Reiki level one. Imagine the energy in this place. The decor is simple, rustic of sorts and so clean looking and on top of that there is Reiki in the room.

Important that I post that Forno Cultura is not a gluten-free facility, but they have some products that are made without gluten. A few of the Italian cookies are made with almond flour and filled with wonderful nuts such as pistachio, almonds and hazelnut. Because I am a big nut, I don’t eat the little nuts. LOL! Eating nuts gives me fuzzy mouth, so I avoid them. I also don’t indorse refined sugar, but if you are going to treat yourself to some, which my husband loves to do, why not treat yourself in a place that receives you with open arms, a hint of Reiki and offers you good quality gourmet style traditional products that is baked on the premises.

The Andrea’s cousins are great, charming, professional and I think this bakery is a must visit when downtown, tell them Rose sent you. Now that spring is here and summer is going to show up soon, I know we will be downtown almost every weekend and for sure we will drop by and say hi to the boys at Forno Cultura.

for charm, decor and welcoming smiles 5 RAW-YUMS