July 30th was a beautiful day, the weather was ideal and I was blessed to have spent it with my dear friend Linda. When Linda picked me up that morning, she started our road trip with the kind gesture of bringing me a London Fog tea with almond milk. As we took off for a mid-day road trip, she chose one of my favourite drives, Stouffville Side Road. We enjoyed great conversation and the beautiful Ontario countryside. It was a day Linda planned to celebrate my birthday. For me it was a celebration just being together and doing our thing. Along the way, we stopped by Richters Herbs and walked around sniffing, tasting and giggling about the amazing herbs available for planting in ones garden if one had a green thumb. Both Linda and I discovered that we both don’t have a green thumb. However, we each bought an aloe vera plant and I purchased a sage plant as well.

The ultimate stop along the journey was to enjoy a feelgoodYumalicious lunch at Frankies Gulten-free Restaurante.

Frankies Restaurante is a full gluten free restaurant in Uxbridge, Ontario. The drive is about 45 minutes from my home-office in Richmond Hill at Yonge and Elgin Mills. The decor is warm, clean and simply Mediterranean. The menu is full and everything, and I mean everything on the menu is gluten free.

Imagine, for those of you, like Linda and myself, having to ask everywhere we go, “what is gluten-free on your menu?” or “can this be made with no gluten?” At Frankies, these questions don’t exist. Simply put, there is no maintenance to choosing what you want to eat, how you want to eat it. You simply order what you want, sit back, eat and enjoy!

I repeat, “You simply order what you want, sit back, eat and enjoy!” And for your accompanying loved ones, who do not choose gluten-free, they order off the menu and will be pleasantly surprised that the food is feelgoodExcellent!

So you wonder what did Linda and I eat. As much as we wanted!!! LOL!

We shared the following;

Toasted flat bread with hummus, cheddar cheese, sweet chutney, sliced cucumber, pickled onions & bruschetta, Chicken Caesar Panini and Mediterranean Pizza.

As you can see by the picture with the plate of food, that it looked so good I started to eat before I realized I should take a snap shot to share.

Check out Frankies… it’s worth the drive 5+ RAWyums!

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