Kodamartini = Kodatini

feelgood kodatini feelgood koda martini

Koda drinking the new kodatini feelgood kodatini

Best feelgood martini ever! I juiced 3 thick brocoli stubs (not sure what they are called), a hunk of ginger, 2 carrots, 2 cucumbers. I just realised I forgot the celery. But that’s okay, because this juice rates 5 RAW-YUMS! The creme on the top was ideal, the colour a soft tangerine and the taste spectacular. But don’t just take my word for it. Koda loved it too! She went back to the bowl a second time to lick any remnants she may have missed. BTW it’s Koda’s 9th month birthday today. We went for an amazing walk in the woods, did yoga at the park – Koda loves yoga. Great start to a great day, and Kodawill have BFF time with Aly later this morning. I will get a 3rd opinion regarding the NEW kodatini when I offer Stephanie (Aly’s) mom a mason jar of it later. Hey maybe Aly will try some too and we can have a 4th review on this amazing drink. Will post results later.



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