Here’s to living #thefeelgoodlife during cold & flu season and maintaining your feelgood busy life.

If you are looking for something to ward off, or some relief, from this virus, here are a few suggestions.  First be mindful to keep washing your hands, especially after a friendly hand shake. My dad taught me this when I was little, and has been passed down to my kids, and is the BEST preventative.  Getting plenty of rest, this can help the body fight off an invader much more quickly. Have a daily OUTDOOR WALK, this will help relieve stress and keep you fit. Being fit is the key to feelingGood! A 20 minute daily walk will change your life from stress to feelgood!

Here’s a great feelgood idea… #NOWbreath!

If you are looking for supplements, there are several to choose from.  A good Omega 3 Supplement can help reduce inflammation, Vitamin D supports the immune system and we are usually much more deficient in the winter months. Astragalus herb can help to boost the immune system as well as zinc.  My favourites are fresh ginger, in food, tea or by itself, and oregano oil. My newest favourite is Sovereign Silver. I’ve been using this for the past few months and it is brilliant in healing up open wounds and helps the inside feelgood! Begin taking your immune boost supplement a few weeks before and continue them for a few weeks after the arrival of flu seasons and or symptoms. Start NOW and then repeat again in January. If you start with having body aches, chills, fever the homeopathic remedy Oscillococcinium (homeopathic) can be taken.  Having Oscillo in your medicine cabinet is a great line of defence.  Also, Influnizem can be taken homoeopathically as a preventative.

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There are so many great homeopathic remedies to have on hand during this time of year, for all kinds of stress symptoms as well as flu like symptoms. Two key remedies are Columbrina 30c (also knows as Nux Vomica 30c), this remedy is the most common remedy to take after over indulgence of food, work, stress, alcohol, and Aconite 30c to be taken at the first onset of any symptoms.  One key benefit of taking homeopathy, when you are well… YOU ARE WELL! No fatigue, digestive upsets, or over all lethargy the comes along side taking the flu shot, antibiotics, or other over the counter pharmaceuticals drugs.

This link will give you a glimpse of the how Homeopathy works.

Have a feelgood fall and winter; contact me for further information on supplements and remedies to have on hand for the cold and flu season.

Your immune system wants you to live #thefeelgoodlife, and so do I!

feelgood always, Rose