Made in Mexico Newmarket 5 RAW-YUMS!!!

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Happy Anniversary to us! Jeff and I celebrated 33 years of marriage yesterday.
Thats a long time!

We decided, well actually I decided that our anniversary will be celebrated in three parts, or on going whichever way you look at it. Last night was the kick off. No the kick off was when 6 long stem roses were waiting for me an hour before midnight on the 7th of may. That was a surprise and I loved it. In the past when the kids were young, Jeff was often away on our anniversary, because of business obligations. We both chose this in order for him to be here for Evan, our sons birthday on May 21st. Kids trump all in my world. As for the past few years, when Jeff does not have to travel this time of year, we take the day off and do stuff together. This year we couldn’t take the day off (Jeff couldn’t) so we kicked off our 33rd year of marriage at a Mexican Restaurant in Newmarket, Ontario last night.

I have reviewed several Mexican restaurants since our trip to Mexico last fall and they were all good. This restaurant was outstanding. From the open decor, to the welcoming staff, to an exceptional server named Jessika (her first week too), to a wonderfully mouth watering meal. I was so full, why? Because I practically scrapped my plate clean. Oh boy!

13 days ago I committed to being vegan for 1 month. Sidebar, so far so great. A blog to come. So last night I order a dish which was vegan, dairy-free and of course gluten-free. It was corn taco’s with sauté onions and mushrooms. You get to pick two side dishes. I had the cilantro rice and the white refried beans and I asked for a small side of guacamole. It was 5 yums. No kidding I was eating and eating and eating and I enjoyed every bite to the fullest. And Jeff order the pork taco’s (I don’t remember the exact name) and house rice and house salad and he also enjoyed every bite. You have to book reservations that would be my only glitch. When I crave a food, I want it the day of, and sometimes booking a reservation a week down the road doesn’t always work for me. In this case I’ll make it work.

It was crazy to see that on a Wednesday night in Newmarket Ontario this place was packed. And then it emptied out at 7:30, (we got there at 7) we figured with the Leafs playing those who had to be there for a special occasion came with the aggreement that when dinner was done, it’s home time to catch the second, third and overtime periods of the hockey game. Tough luck leafs, lost, but overall an exciting game. Yes we to raced home to catch the game.

Overall this restaurant was a 5 RAW-Yummers!

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