Mexican in March – 4+ raw-yums


I have food sensitivities, intolerances and I have Celiac Disease and there are foods I choose not to eat AND I AM A FOODIE!

We just got back from quick weekend in Florida – Fort Lauderdale to be exact. We had the opportunity to try Mexican food in Hollywood called Orale Mexican Restaurant. I will tell you the result first. Fulfilled, no after math gas pains and no runs to the bathroom (pun intended). The decor – was nice, authentic mexican (after all I was in Mexico in October of 2013 and I remember it well), clean, bathrooms clean (of course I always use the bathrooms even if the results of the food are good). We were greeted by our server, he was friendly and charming. He happened to be the owner, Juan Rodriguez. Our water was served right away and we got two huge bowls of corn chips and a salsa that was tangy and tasty. All five of us liked it. While we sat back a relaxed in the calm energy of the place we read the extensive menu. I decided to have something that I had heard about over the past two years – fish tacos. Staci and I shared a ceviche and the fish tacos. The tacos were served with a side of beans and rice. We order a side of guacamole – really what’s mexican without guac. The food was so tasty, what was suppose to have tang had tang. What was suppose to have a hearty texture like the fish in the taco had a hearty texture. The ceviche was so rich with flavour and just enough cilantro to give it a kick. Overall I give this restaurant 4+ raw-yums. The plus is given to any restaurant that I eat at and feel like my digestive tract just had a wonderful and fulfilling holiday. 4+ raw-yums for