Milagro Mexican in Toronto 3.5+ raw-yums!

Friday night was date night for Jeff and I, with the kids, cousin Fran. It was Frances’ birthday and Evan book reservations at Milagro Cantina Mexicana. It was a pleasure to go out on Good Friday, the city was quiet, the restaurant was half full, no waiting, no noise – a true pleasure! After dinner, we all went to see ‘Buddy’ the Buddy Holly Story through the Lower Ossington Theatre via Joe getting tickets for all of us. If you can catch this show. The music, the acting and the sets – Outstanding! At the end the whole audience was dancing in the isle.

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This was the second time I ate at Milagro. This time the experience was worth this post. The server – Howard was friendly, quick and very attentive to getting our orders out on time and to the right person. I love Toronto, we can enjoy foods from every part of the world to perfection. This mexican restaurant is great, the food is very tasty, it has a bit of a trendy flair. Different than the authentic Mexican I ate in Mexico and Fort Lauderdale. I enjoyed the meal, it was hearty, filling and very tasty. I had tacos Rosarito – sauted shrimp with avocado, refried beans and salsa. I did not have the cheese that comes with the meal. It either comes as two tacos or three  that is served with beans and rice. Staci and I shared the rice, which was really tasty. BTW the guacamole, salsa and corn chips that were served to us when we first arrived were yummy. The only growth point I have for this dinner was the corn taco was good – not as tasty as I would have like. It was a bit thick for me. The tastiest dish at the table was their beans, there was something in the recipe that I had not tasted before, and whatever it was it was yuma! Great restaurant, great server – Howard and great location on Queen Street.

3.5+ raw-yums for