It’s easy to sum up this review in a few works; feelgoodtummy, sociallyfun, and one of my new go-to-

Executive Master Chef Guerrino Staropoli and us

Executive Master Chef Guerrino Staropoli and us

food-peeps. I recommend you book a reservation for this weekend, tell Dan, Zee, Tina, Mohammed and Executive Master Chef Guerrino that Rose and Jeff say hi. Enjoy!

However, expanding on our experience on Tuesday evening at Ganzi is worth the share.

From the moment Jeff and I stepped into Ganzi the experience was social and warm. Tina greeted us and escorted us to our table. Funny she expressed that she had a great table waiting for us and took us through the restaurant to one of the magnificently restored rooms and offered us a table by the window. For me, a window seat is ideal. So far so good!

Ganzi is a new restaurant at 504 Jarvis Street, Toronto, in historic mansion built-in 1891 by famed architect George Horace Gooderham. The energy and the ambiance is outstanding. You feel an immediate welcome when you arrive. Not only because Tina was friendly and fun, but because the energy of the mansion invites you to come in, have a seat and just relax.

Once seated, we were greeted by Zee the GM, then our server Mohamand, and then Dan the owner. It was a gentle parade of nice people coming by to say hi and make sure we were seated well, that we were offered drinks, a menu and overall given a genuine welcome into their home for the evening.

All their pasta and bread are homemade, even the gluten-free pasta. They offer gluten-free pizza as well. I ordered AMARETTA MISTA (BITTERLEAFY  GREENS)/Belgianendive,fennelroot,radicchioditrevisio,orangesegment and raspberries, coarse black peppercorn,olive taggiasche with a balsamico bianco vinigrette. Delicious, Jeff and I shared. I loved this salad, it was light, refreshing and different.

For our main course, Jeff order Pappardelle (one of his favourites) with his usual all’arrabbiata sauce. I ordered GF linguine and asked if Chef could make a simple olive oil and garlic vegetarian plate. Our dinners were served together. When Jeff saw his plate I wondered if he was going to mention that the portion was not small but tiny. He didn’t say anything. My plate was just right. Enough food to fill me, but not too much that I felt I wanted to stuff down the last 5 bites. Both Jeff and I enjoyed our meals. I could taste every vegetables distinct flavour enhanced by roasted garlic and olive oil. Chef made this special for me, and I asked that he write it down, put my name on it because when I go back I want to experience the taste all over again.

Mohammed came to check on us several times. At one point Jeff mention that his meal was wonderful, but not really a full portion and that although he is little he can eat big. With in a flash Chef Guerrino was at our table, introduced himself and offered more pasta for Jeff. Jeff enjoyed the additional pasta. Then Chef came out to chat with us and see how we liked the meal. He seemed please that I knew the garlic was roasted in my meal and that I truly enjoyed every bite. He looked at Jeff as Jeff shared that his meal was wonderful. Jeff has eaten all’arrabbiata sauce all over the world, this is his signature dish. Chef Guerinno smiles at him and said, ‘would you like more’? Jeff says, ‘sure if your making some’. And with in 10 minutes a fresh hot plate of Pappardelle with all’arrabbiata sauce was served. While Jeff ate, Chef G and I chatted.

Yum Chocolate

Yum Chocolate

For us part of our experience to go out for dinner, is to experience not just the meal, but the individuals creating the meal, serving the meal and behind the scenes. Ganzi offers this and more. Yes, its what you make of your evening. Jeff and I are very social people, however we are very fussy as to whom we brake bread with. And whom your going to enjoy chocolate with.  Desert was a dark chocolate cup filled with moist and rich bite size pieces of GF chocolate cake and topped with sliced strawberries and blueberries. Oh my this was good. Chef G came out to see if I was enjoying it and yes I was. Although it had regular sugar in it, it was just the right amount of sweet for me to enjoy as an exceptional treat.


us with owner Randy

us with owner Dan

The whole experience at Ganzi was a balance of time for Jeff and I to enjoy a date night, while enjoy being social meeting new peeps, and having fabulous wholesome feelgood-food. For a restaurant that has just opened in the heart of the greatest city that is filled with the best restaurants, it is hard for me to offer a growth point to Ganzi, because our experience there was awesome. I think Ganzi is the next big thing. With Master Chef G, Dan and the gang I suggest you give Ganzi a call 647.348.6520 and book reservations, tell them Rose and Jeff say hi!

Overall all I offer for atmosphere, service, presentation and food

Osteria dei Ganzi
5+ RAW-yums

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