Pizza Banfi Pic

We were invited guests, by our new friends Micheal and Helen to Pizza Banfi in Forest Hill at 333B Lonsdale Road in Toronto. Helene said, “I will like it there, they have gluten-free pasta.” We arrived first and Jeff dropped me off to get a table, as you cannot make reservations. I walked into this quaint restaurant to the sense of familiarity, comfort and good food. Every table was filled. I scanned the room and eyed the table I wanted in the corner by the window. I was greeted warmly by the owner, Nino and was immediately asked, “how many?” He smiled and said that in 5 minutes he will have a nice table for me over there in the corner. A yes, my table! I had a look around at the faces, they genuinely seemed peaceful, and were all engaged in conversation while Nino causally went around saying hello to what appeared to be ‘the regulars’! ‘Regulars’! That’s a good sign of good food and good service! Micheal and Helene and Jeff came in and we sat at our table and the owner came to say hello to our guests, as they were regulars. I mention that I am gluten-free and vegan he offered me a grade3smile and said, “Celiac?” I said, “yes”. He said, “me too”. He told me to tell the server, Johnny and that he would make sure my meal was done properly.

So far so great. We had a great evening. The restaurant was full the entire evening, yet it never got noisy and we did not feel rushed. Our server was excellent. Everyone enjoyed their meals. I ordered GF pasta with veggies in a wine tomato sauce, it is not on the menu, Helene orders this all the time so I thought I’d try it. It was excellent. With a but only because I am not a huge tomato sauce lover. My meal was plentiful and excellent and when I go back to Banfi I will ask them to make me an olive oil and garlic sauce instead.

We had an amazing experience there. On top of the company, the atmosphere and the food we met the two people sitting beside us who are awesome. (That’s when the restaurant got a bit loud, but it was us making the noise, with laughter and chatter). The gentleman we met is *Allan Voves the owner of Burger Celler at Yonge and Lawerence and his daughter Stephanie (who has the most incredible energy). They were out for Allan’s birthday. We engage in conversation as though we have known one another for years. Spiritual family! (A Chapter in the feelgood life –

Overall all atmosphere, service, presentation and food I offer Pizza Banfi 3+ RAW-yums

P.S. to this post – *Allan from Burger Cellar called and invited Jeff and I to come for dinner. We have reservations this Friday June 28th at 7:30 with cousin Frances and Marc (from L.A. who loves burgers). We are excited to go there, they have gluten-free and vegan specialties alongside amazing burgers for the carnivores. I will keep you ‘post’ed.