Reikifusion™ Attainable-Wellness System for sustainable wellness. On going classes that is created over a 16-year span of fusing breathing, core movement, energy, Japanese Martial Arts, homeopathy, meditation, Reiki, and toning physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Reikifusion™ is a structured system of attainable-wellness, that everyone can benefit from. All ages, if you don’t know Reiki, if you do know Reiki, if you are novice at meditation/yoga etc or a master at any or all of these systems.

Reikifusion™ is an ongoing life process to help you create, grow and be!

Created and Facilitated by Rose A. Weinberg (bio below)

6:53pm registration Monday November TBA, 2015

7:00pm start – 8:15pm

8:00pm Q&A and tea and chocolate!

Bring a someone you like, or someone you love, or both!

Space is limited register at 

All Rose’s workshops and courses are uniquely interactive.

Rose A. Weinberg transformed her past of panic disorder and fear, into a spiritual journey of wellbeing and helping others with their own transformations. Over the past 16 years Rose created a unique approach for sustainable wellness and ensures her clients are educated with the wellness choices to feelgood well beyond their treatments.

In 2011 Rose founded and created Project BeamON, a worldwide not-for-profit-organization committed to donating Reiki-blankets to people with cancer in an effort to provide comfort, warmth and peace during their healing process.

Rose A. Weinberg, is a Registered Homeopath, Reiki Master and Educator, Nutritionist, Author, Speaker DTM, Educational Director, and Creator of Reikifusion Attainable-Wellness and a Fulfilled Wife and Mom!

Rose’s feelgood message is to live one day at a time, with purpose and peace of mind.

Price TBA contact Rose for details on all Rose’s workshops. OR have Rose create a workshop for your group, organization or business.

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