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Dear Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistance and Office Managers


In today’s world, our patient’s wellness needs are more important due to stressful, busy lives. Just finding time to book a dental appointment can be stressful. You know first hand, fulfilling the commitment of coming to the appointment and taking 30-60 minutes for the appointment can bring on anxiety.

Introducing myself, I am Rose A. Weinberg, a Registered Homeopath, Reiki Master~Educator, and Holistic Nutritionist. Throughout my years as a practitioner, as well as the dental patient, I see a great need in the dental industry, of using Reiki before any dental treatment including hygiene. I often do Reiki treatments in person with my patients or from a distant on patents the day of or before they are going to the dentist. I personally, do Reiki on myself, while in the dental chair.

How is this possible, better yet, how is it possible for you and your team to offer this calm energy to your patients every time they come in for treatment?

My view is that if dentists, and hygienists had the ability to offer Reiki, as ancillary service alongside all dental treatments, this would assist the patient, and the dentist in offering a calmer, more healing atmosphere for all.

The possibly begins with you, and your team learning, and training as Reiki practitioners in a one day course, tailored to you and your clinic.

What is Reiki?

What The feelgood Company offers you and your staff?

  • Imagine offering your patients a sense of calmness and peace as you sit beside them and greet them for their dental check-up, surgery, procedures, and hygiene.
  • We provide ‘Reiki-dentistry™’ training to dental practices, so you can implement this powerful technique while calming your patients and in many cases no use of any sedation. The training can be done in half-a-day at your premises.
  • Reiki is and has become a part of the mainstream health care and is practiced in many hospitals, and wellness centers. I have trained several dental hygienists with Reiki for the sole purpose of assisting the patent with a calm, peaceful and feelgood visit with them.
  • Reiki-Dentistry™ is an exclusive course designed by The feelgood Company Inc. offering you, your assistants, hygienists, including your office management, the necessary tools to calm and relax the patients.
  • Full training on how to bring Reiki into your work space.
  • Full training on how to offer the calm energy of Reiki to your patients, when seated in the dental chair, before treatment begins. As well, a simple meditative NOWbreath™ that the patient can continue to use during the treatment.
  • Your patients will enjoy their visit due to the introduction to feeling calm, and peaceful each time they visit. As you know, a happy patient means more referrals.
  • Have a personalized quote done for your entire staff to learn the holistic modality; Reiki

Contact: to find out more, what this course offers for you and your practice.

With gratitude, thank you Rose

Rose A. Weinberg, HOM., DIH. (Pract.), RT-CRA, DTM | Registration: The College of Homeopaths #15142 | The Canadian Reiki Associations~Teacher

PS: A recently published book “7 Steps to Dental Health: A Holistic Guide for Your Mouth and Body” has also outlined use of different modalities (including Reiki) in the dental practice, in a chapter “Dental Practice in the Future”. As part of this package you will receive a copy of this book.