Rendezvous Asian Cuisine in Maple – 4+ raw-yums

Yum there is new asian restaurant in town. Rendezvous Asian Cuisine at Rutherford and Bathurst. The staff and owners are friendly and the food is good. We have eaten there about 8 times now. They are knowledgable about gluten free however they are still learning what their clientele  likes to eat. I helped them with suggestions and each time I go back we talk some more raw-insights to help them create a great menu. Their menu by the way is extensive, they offer Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnam dishes. Every time you go there you can try something new. Or like me, stick to what takes great. I suggest if you like a bit of spice the Wild Fire Fried Rice is great, with chicken and shrimp or just shrimps. I do like their pad tai (ask for gluten-free) it’s yummy. Jeff loves the dumplings and we both love their Pho Vegetarian Soup. Give them a try and speak with the staff regarding your special needs, it’s great to give the new kids a taste of support! Lunches are great there too! We had dinner there Saturday night it was outstanding! Conrad our server was very attentive to our requests and very playful with Jeff’s humour. Enjoy!

4+ raw-yums