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feelgoodRestaurant Reviews by Rose A. Weinberg, Wellness Expert, Speaker, Author, Fulfilled Wife~Mom

Within my professional network has a Homeopath, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master & Teacher I work with many individuals and families with food sensitivities, allergies and digestive illnesses. However way before I started all this, I was the client with the food sensitivities, allergies and digestive illnesses. Before I became ‘feelgood’ Rose I experienced all it from stomachaches and skin conditions to mood swings… Once I understood my journey to wellness, and transformed to ‘feelgood’ Rose I chose to build a career around helping people transform themselves to feelgood.

From the time I could pick up a spoon, fork or use my fingers. I KNEW I LOVE FOOD!

Now I call myself ‘a foodie with food sensitivities, allergies and Celiac Disease.’ I am also self diagnosed with celiac disease and live gluten-free. With this, I don’t eat refined sugar, corn (for the most part), nuts, nor beef and pork.

I love to go out to eat and I love to cook.

I get asked all the time, “What do you eat?” And I answer all the time, “An abundance of feelgood food.”

My passion is to share and network people to enjoy the feelgood life and restaurant reviews are an excellent way to achieve this. After all ya gatta eat! Follow my reviews on restaurant and other food related things most probably you will find something that stirs up some feelgood tastebuds for you. You will notice that most of the restaurants that  I review are considered mainstream restaurants and can offer an amazing meal to my Husband alongside others who eat ‘the other food’ and for me and my peeps who eat gluten-free, and possibly vegetarian. One of the things to note is that where ever I eat it will be healthy for all, my husband, family, and YOU!

Enjoy the reviews and let me know if there are restaurants you want me to try, it would be my pleasure.

Looking forward to sharing food. “I’m a foodie with food sensitivities, allergies and Celiac Disease and I love food!”

RAW-yums, Rose

Every review will offer a rating from 1 - 5 raw-yums. If you see a rating that has a + sign beside it (4+ raw-yums) it means that I enjoyed my meal and so did my digestive tract.

Kodamartini = Kodatini

feelgood koda martini feelgood kodatini Best feelgood martini ever! I juiced 3 thick brocoli stubs (not sure what they are called), a hunk of ginger, 2 carrots, 2 cucumbers. I just

Forna Cultura Bakery

How crazy is it that I am going to post this review when I have not personally had anything to eat in this bakery that is on the south side of King Street West, Toronto.

Chococrepe 4+ RAW-YUMS

  Okay it's time to share Chococrepe with you. It's a gem of a place that serves healthy crepes for the 'healthy-norm' and gluten-free crepes for the 'above-healthy-norm'. Chococrepe is located at 620 Queen Street

Made in Mexico Newmarket 5 RAW-YUMS!!!

[image_frame style="reflect_shadow" align="center"]http://roseaweinberg.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/33rd-Anniversary-May-8th-2013.jpg[/image_frame] Happy Anniversary to us! Jeff and I celebrated 33 years of marriage yesterday. Thats a long time! We decided, well actually I decided that our anniversary will be celebrated in three parts,

Bagel World Maple 4+ raw-yums

It's not because you can get GF bagels at Bagel World (that's a bonus for those who want this) and it's not because I miss a part of my youth having breakfast at a bagel