Spring cleanse 2016? feelgood inside and out!

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been busy with excitement and freshness in my new wellness office in downtown Richmond Hill at Richmond Hill Total Health Clinic. It’s exciting to be in my new feelgoodRoom, filled with awesome energy. Like my home-office, this office too, has the feelgood energy of calm, peace and purpose. It reminds me of the article, my son, Evan shared with me some time ago, about a peaceful yoga studio in the heart of one of the most stressed out cities in the world, New York. How the yoga instructor can bring peace and wellness to her students inside the studio, while outside the studio mainstream life moves at very fast pace. The only difference in my scenario is my wellness office is surrounded by wellness offered by Dr. Rafael Bagehri, D.C., and the team at Richmond Hill Total Health. And the Town of Richmond Hill, is soooo much calmer than that of New York City. However, it is still mainstream busy. I hope you got the picture.

I love taking a walk outside my feelgoodWellness room towards reception and look outside the window to see and feel the energy of Town of Richmond Hill. People driving and walking by, especially now because spring and begun.

All this leads to one of my favourite conversations; spring cleanse? feelgood inside and out!

feelgood inside and out with a spring cleanse, what this means to me?

At work, rest or play, I choose wellness. So, inside and outside my body and surrounding me I choose wellness. What does a spring cleanse mean to me? It means to clear out clutter. Clutter from the inside out, gut guck, energy guck, that’s built up over the winter months that needs to clear, to feel the freshness and excitement I can feel at work, rest and play. Just like an energy/Reiki balancing, such as the ones I offer which dissipates clutter or blocked energy to open up ones energy to make room for newness, wellness, and moments of peace.

After an energy clean up, just like a home or office clean up, life feels so good! Is there going to be new clutter? Absolutely, that’s part of the human experience.

However, imagine NOW feeling clutterLESS, free from winter guck and ready to bounce into spring. After I take my homeopathic remedies, I tweak a few foods, increase my water, NOWbreath™ and green foods, bouncing is possible!

Does doing a Spring Cleanse entail fasting, juicing, and 24/7 exercising?

The simple answer is No. You can do a fast, juice, and exercise 24/7, but you simple don’t have to. Actually you don’t have to change much in your day-to-day life. Doing a spring cleanse, starts with a conversation, an energy/Reiki balance and a few homeopathic remedies to help rid you of winter cravings; possibly over carbs, sugar, and salt. Keep it stupid simple, so you can thrive in your feelgoodday-to-day life.

Alongside doing extra NOWbreath’s to help bring in the energy of spring, I already began my spring cleanse inside and out. My home, my home-office, and my new office are cleared and ready. I began my internal spring cleanse a week ago. I wanted to get a head start so I can assist my clients with knowledge and understanding in achieving a great start to spring 2016 with freshness and excitement as soon as possible.

What you can expect from a simple Spring Cleanse?

What you can expect from doing a 3-4 week simple spring cleanse? Feeling fresh inside and out, physical, mental and spiritual openness, vibrancy and go, go, energy. It’s you in HD!

Whenever you’re ready, let’s talk spring cleanse in all dimensions of your feelgood life!

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At work, rest or play feelgood always!

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