Sharing wellness space for others to feelgood at work, rest & play! Onsite~Online



WellnessWrx connects consciously evolving consumers to a huge array of wellness providers who are committed to being of service in their field of expertise.

Simply, we help you build your wellness business through optimum awareness to the fastest growing population who are awakening to transform their lives at work, rest and play.


WellnessWrx is committed to being of service to you, by offering You the wrx in building your practice!

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Build Your Practice with WellnessWrx

WellnessWrxSpace designed and operated by Rose A. Weinberg, Wellness Expert, Author, Speaker, Fulfilled Wife and Mom, Founder of The feelgood Company Inc. “Sharing over 18 years of achieving peaceful, purposeful and feelgood consultation and treatment space for clients, students, mentees, and health centres, all over the world, is the feelgood idea behind WellnessWrxSpace.

WellnessWrxSpace shared wellness space designed with you in mind; from Wellness Provider to Client. Offering a turnkey wrx space for Wellness Professionals ensuring your client or patient, has a peaceful, purposeful and feelgood wellness treatment upon each visit.


Are you an accredited Wellness Providers seeking the use of a well diverse shared feelgood wrx space for consultation and treatments? For more information contact; Click Here

Shared wellness space designed with you in mind; from Wellness Provider to Client. Offering space that wrx with feelgood energy.

Both, Wellness Provider and Client will arrive to their appointment in a space that is energetically compatible for all needs. It’s a trilogy of space offering an area for consolation, for treatment and even a wrx area set up with a ergo dynamic chair, and desk to complete note taking, patient records, or to simply finish up your day-to-day paper/computer trail.

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