What is the difference between a Homeopath and a Naturopath?

Have you often wondered what is the difference between a Homeopath and a Naturopath? This great question, is one that I get asked all the time. Here is a great article I found on an Australian website that give’s a similar answer that I would give, when asked.


What’s the difference between a Naturopath, a Homeopath and myself. Sounds like the first line of a great joke. But, it’s actually another great question. The answer to what is a Naturopath and a Homeopath are mentioned in the above article. Now, you may wonder, what is the difference between them and myself? Simply, I am a Registered Homeopath and have been practicing here in Ontario for the past 16 years. Alongside my formal training, I have also formally trained as a holistic Nutritionist, and a Reiki Master and Educator and have training in Acupunture. I have created an umbrella of holistic health care to offer my clients for all their health needs, based on chronic and acute dis-ease states. Over the past 16 years I have created and educated 1000’s with sustainable wellness. All you have to remember is that a Registered Homeopath in Ontario follows all the compliance’s for safety first for our clients, and works with a full system of medicine that was created over 250 years ago, with a proven records of healing and wholeness for humans and animals. Treating you physically, mentally and spiritually to create the feelgood health you choose.

Hope that helps and offers a feelgoodAnwser to an question often asked. For more information on how Homeopathy and Reiki Energy can help you, or someone you know with any acute or chronic conditions email me at rawenergy@roseaweinberg.ca.

feelgoodNOW, Rose

*Homeopathy now part of health benefits and check out CRA website for health benefits for eligible medical expenses.

Your wellness first… this leads to a feelgood life worth living!

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