“We all have a gift…” an unedited conversation with Rose

If you are clear of your gift, or still in conversation of what it is… may I suggest you take a moment and experience gratitude, for all that you do, all that you are, and all that you be!

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” Swami Sivananda

Being a constant life observer, led and will remain leading me to being a chronic personal and spiritual growth junkie. That term, might sound ‘new age’, but it’s not. Being committed to ones personal and spiritual growth is not new, sages of old and new reference it in so many ways, sometimes we hear it, and get it, sometimes we need to observe a bit more before our ‘ahha moments’ happen!

There was a moment in my life, when I recognized my gift for interpretation. It’s not quite the typical interpretation one might think. My gift of interpretation is through an intuitive energy~Ki that opens me up to conversations between; God, the Universe, Souls that have past from human form to spirit form, angel spirits and animal spirits, and then allows me to interpret the meaning of the conversation or messages for others. This is something that I sensed as a child, but didn’t fully get until I was an adult. After the recognition of a gift, such as this one, there is a moment when one goes into a new conversation of, “okay, so what now?” The simple answer that came to me; “The clear knowing that there is so much I will never know, and yet, new and wondrous things will unfold before me as though I really do know.” Have you experienced this? If yes, awesome! If not yet, I suggest to stay in any conversation that you are questioning, and there will be moments of clarity. 

Interpretation comes in many forms, it’s not black nor white, it’s not simple nor complicated, it’s simply an interpretation that resonates with you, and that potentially brings you a ‘moment of peace of mind’ that needs no interpretation.

  1. the action of explaining the meaning of something.
    “the interpretation of data”

Being committed to ones spiritual growth, encompasses being committed to your personal and professional growth. This leads to knowing your gift or gifts. “A person is not truly fulfilled unless the trilogy of oneself; spiritually, personally and professionally is fulfilling ones purpose here on earth.”

The best part of this conversation is that your ‘being’ gets this conversation, your ‘humanness’ may need to ‘observe, process and intellectually take it in, maybe even feel a bit confused, learn from it, and then the moment one seeks… where our questions are beyond the question, we actually feel as though we have an answer.

If getting the answers to our life’s questions were easy, they wouldn’t be true answers. True life answers come from a divine energy that is beyond our human comprehension, true answers are not answers that are wrote, they are answers from with in.

Life is a series of conversations. As I wrote in my book, “the feelgood life”, “Every conversation leads to a conversation.” When this quote came to me, it was when clarity came and I knew my gift was from divine energy that needed no interpretation.

It’s like a conversation, where you ask a question to someone and they answer you. The universe, God, our guidance answers us daily. This tapped in mystical energy that surrounds us, it can’t always see, touched, or felt, it’s just is an absolute moment of knowing. My interpretation of experiencing a ‘moment of peace of mind’; “Our mind is quite, our body is still and absolute becomes us.”

Over the next few weeks, observe… all of you, spiritually, personally and professionally, all areas of your life. Be one with your gift, tap into the conversation that is going on in your present journey.

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” Buddha

Let’s have a conversation soon, if you have a question, share. The mystical energy~ki of the universe will share interpretation through my gift, and I trust, the absolute moment of ‘peace of mind’ will be offered to you!

For now, enjoy a NOWbreath on me, and just be the gift of you!

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