I love Thanksgiving! It is the best holiday of the year, mostly because it gives us an opportunity to openly be grateful. At our home on thanksgiving as a collective group, we give thanks for our many blessings and this feeds my soul!

The holidays are a great time to ‘let your hair down’, ‘allow the wind to blow in your face’ and enjoy foods that excite the pallet and give way for wonderful conversation like; ‘You’ve out done yourself this year, the turkey is awesome, moist and yum!’

But what happens the next day. Like me, do you feel a little sluggish, bloated and part take in self talk such as, “why did I eat all that desert?” “OMG it was so good!” “But, why did I eat all that desert?” For me, I like desert, but I LOVE MY FOOD! And when I’m doing the cooking the eating starts when the first dish comes out of the oven or off the stove. I prepare a special cup of my matcha, and I drink my tea, and taste test my way through the day.

When the kids were little they would be by my side, helping with the prep work, and doing tastes test on everything we made. Still today, as soon as they come home, they are helping by either cooking or baking their specialty dishes and we are all munching the day away with great understanding of how amazing the meal will be when we officially start with our family and friends.

Two days after eating our way into bliss what to do with the bloat?

Here are simple feelgood ways to deflate the bloat:

  1. feelgood about all that you experienced on the weekend, keep the smile of fulfillment on.
  2. Don’t manifest the physical bloat, sluggishness into a mental and emotional slump. AKA Don’t beat yourself up for eating to much, especially if you enjoyed it. Eating lots is one of the best parts of the holidays,  it’s like letting our hair down and enjoy the wind in our face.
  3. Drink lots of water with lemon to shower your liver for simple detoxification to bring back energy and movement.
  4. Simply eat your greens, take a walk, or get back into your exercise routine and your body will lose the bloat.

Thanksgiving 2013 feelgood-insight; Fulfillment is a way of being, choose it and it will choose you!

feelgood always, Rose

Always keep feelgood-insight #11 in your hearts; “Life’s to short to worry about spelling mistakes!”