We are all interconnected, this is what it is! If I am my word it impacts you. If I am not my word it impacts you. Somehow we all know each other. If not directly it will be indirectly. There for this is absolute. If I appear in a new place with brand new people, my presence will impact those who notice me first, then those who notice me first tell the others, the ripple of impact on everyone in the place becomes an ultimate impact on all we know. Today was a day filled with insights. Were ever I went, whatever I did, I had a new insight into life. I was at a funeral today for a women who was one of my mothers closest friends. I have known her since I am 5. That’s a long time. Even thought I am 22 at heart, chronologically I am bit older. I sat with life long friends, people who I’ve known forever, and no matter what context you see them in their is an impact on your life. It might be because it takes me back to somewhere in my past. Like my first bike; my first bike was given to me by the women who I was listening to today, she is in her late fifties and is talking about her mothers life from past to present. I got my first bike from this women, when she was a teenager and I was six. Wow! While I was sitting and listening to the eulogy, that was being shared by two sisters, after I got left the memory of my first bike (which I loved) I was taken back 19 years ago when their father passed on. We were at the shiva house (Jewish custom to visit the family for 7 days after the funeral). In discussion with the younger daughter, who happens to be 5 years older than me. (by the way, I told my 15 year old cousin last week… its officially everyone is older than me, everyone, not wiser, just older). We talked 19 years ago and from that conversation, my husband, Jeff and I took away something that impacted us many times over the years. Its about how people have the opportunity to be in our life. Celebrating the day to day life with us, the ups, downs and sideways. The exact quote from 19 years ago was, ”if you’re not in our life don’t come to our funeral”. It meant something different to me then and today it means that know matter what and no matter who, when a life passes there is always an impact. An impact on the last conversation you had with the person, or in many cases how you have not had a last conversation with the person. Life is so complicated and yet so simple. Two things are absolute, who are birth parents are and that one day we will die. What we do in between is about living life. Living connected, making relationships be present, loving and fun! Living our potential with those we love, one day at a time. The other thing that impacted me at this funeral, is, once again it brings me to my depth of everything and how I have the profound need to be within the philosophy of life, death and everything in between. we are all connected and its meant to be part of the day to day up, down, sideways. Celebrating everyday together, somehow, someway. By thought, by smile and especially by hugs.

Live connected, Rose