June 1st 2011, remember this day, for it is the day that for the first time in my life as a business owner… I sent out a newsletter on the first of the month, started it this evening and finished it this evening with a power walk in the middle of the creation of it. I press send with fulfillment that June, July, August 2011 will be spectacular. The way I can describe this is that I live connected. Living my potential one day at a time. It reminds me of pick up sticks. I love this game when I was a kid. I would play it by myself for hours. Thinking, being, doing. One stick at a time. And every so ofter the opportunity would come where you could pick up two or maybe three, and not touch the other sticks. I was so skilled in this game… I lived connected! It’s absolute, its being present in my life that each day is a stick. One day at a time. After Sunday, our event, the pilot event for project beam on, the love, devotion and success in the day was because of the many ”one days” before! Now it’s one day at a time to create, be and do!

I hope one thought from my sharing resonates with you, gives you an action moment that brings you present to your day, your PROjects, your life. Teaching, mentoring, coaching, inspiring let me share my stories with you so you can find your wellness, health, life choices. Live connected! I have the secret to life success.

Love you,

Rose                                                                                       rawenergy@roseaweinberg.ca