Rose’s feelgoodMantra

living one day at-a-time in peace, purpose, to feelgood.

This mantra was created to use daily, or as needed. It will fulfill you with a higher vibration towards peace of mind. A gift of daily wellness from my heart to YOURS, Rose A. Weinberg

Dr. Usui, the founder of Usui Reiki, searched for meaning in his life. He realized that achieving peace of mind is one of the most challenging tasks a human~being can achieve. During his journey, he recognized that working in the concept of living one day at a time is possible, and with this having moments of peace, being in purpose, and enjoying feelgood energy is achievable. Within my journey from illness to wellness, I’ve studied, practiced, and live my life with this understanding. And my commitment to achieving moments of peace and being in my daily purpose helps me to feelgood. And for the past 26 years, I have attained the higher wisdom of accomplishing this.

Daily, I’ve adapted the original Reiki principles Dr. Usui developed many years ago into this simple mantra to let go of day-to-day human stress and emotional toxins to create a day filled with peace, purpose, and feelgood energy.

When I learned the first level of Reiki for personal use, I recognized that during our human experience, we are on a quest for peace. My commitment in life is that I work to be peaceful or of peace of mind, one day at a time, and remain a student of life, understanding and acknowledging that this is possible. This is the most difficult achievement for any human to achieve.

I offer you this gift to help you find peace, purpose, and feelgood energy one day at a time to live the feelgood life you choose.

The best time to recite this mantra is early morning. It will help you to create the most extraordinary day! Practice the NOWbreath while repeating this, and you will be on your way to a peaceful day filled with extraordinary energy!

My personal daily Mantra:

I am blessed, I feel blessed

I am peace, I feel peaceful

I am purpose, I feel purposeful

I am feelgood, I feelgood

I am healthy, I feel healthy

I am wealthy, I feel weathly

I am worthy, I feel worthy

I am successful, I feel successful

I am wise, I feel wise

I am playful, I feel playful

I am love, I feel love

I am light, I feel light


Living our highest potential, one day at a time is attainable!

“Live each day as though it’s your first! Embrace your passion, creativity and playfulness!”
Rose A. Weinberg

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