We all have days when it feels as though our sparkle is missing. I have come to grips with this, well for the most part. You see I love my sparkle, when my sparkle and I are teamed up I am in my zone. Letting this go for a moment and being with that we are not always in our zone, and living in the now it sometimes feels that we are sparkless. Here is a great tool of thought our sparkles aren’t missing, they are getting recharged to shine bright once we reconnect. Accepting this, for me, made a world of difference, it has been a tool that I use to stay in my now, shiny or not. The depth of this conversation is that we always have our sparkle and sometimes we have to squint a bit to see it and other times we just put on our cool shades ‘cause we are shining bright! Love huge today and make your grade 3 smile shine bright, Rose