I’m Rose A. Weinberg and my everyday is filled with choices to perform with purpose so that the end of the day, I feel peace at work, rest and play. I recognize the day to day challenge of achieving this. As a wife, a mom of two, a wellness expert, author, speaking to various audiences, and finding ‘me’ time to meditate and create the day I choose to live my feelgood life, can be a challenge. Especially if you are like me, constantly striving to achieve a high vibration of wellness to find purpose and peace of mind with my overall day to day performance. Over the past 16 years, I developed a attainable wellness for others and myself to achieve sustainable purpose, peace of mind, living the feelgood lfe one day at a time.

Imagine the opportunity to wear something that offers you high vibration of wellness and wisdom to help you perform with purpose and peace at, work, rest or play? Introducing rawenergy wear! Wearable’s that are attuned with you in mind, for purpose and peace to achieve your feelgood life!

High vibrational rawenergywear™ Performance wear for Purpose & Peace! Enjoy your feelgood life!

Order today for the 2015 holiday season. Give the gift of rawenergywear or feelgoodBooks to some you love, like or maybe there’s something just for you! feelgoodShop

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