Learn Reiki II, take your Reiki practice to another level. Requirements are Reiki level I, Usui System. Learn how to send distant Reiki to loved ones. Reiki is for people committed to the principles and integrity that Reiki offers. It becomes part of your everyday life; physically, mentally and spiritually.

Reiki will allow you to grow spiritually in anyway that resonates with your purpose. It will aligned you with being purposefully, peaceful and help you to grow your inner vibration and intuitive self.

This class is highly interactive. Arrive with questions and walk away with insights that will help you in any area of your life to create your ‘feelgood life!’

YOUR feelgood life is simpler than you think.

Classes run from 9am-4:30pm and included a Reiki manual, certificate upon completion, tea, healthy lunch, and credit towards other educational programs.

Rose has been teaching Reiki for 18years and has educated thousands of people on the benefits of Reiki at home and internationally. Her classroom setting is informative, educational, interactive and fun. Everyone in the class benefits with growth and development intuitively and purposefully.

Richmond Hill