Dogs love Reiki. Dog owners have witnessed recovery of sore and weak limbs, balance and bounce as well as contentment after Reiki has been received. Reiki treatments for your dogs are available or learn Reiki and share with your pets; dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, horses.

Reiki is a safe form of energy medicine that can soothe anxious or stressed dogs by bringing about a profound state of relaxation. It can be administered either in-person or distantly. Chronic stress-related health conditions in dogs can also be treated with Reiki.

Rose has over 40 years experience with dogs and over 25 years offer Reiki to dogs personally and professionally. Tiny to XLarge dogs, young, aged, and all in between, Rose has work with dog clients for various symptoms. Dog owners and the dogs notice a profound difference during and after the Reiki treatment.

The world benefits from Reiki & from Dogs

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