Dogs love Reiki. Rose loves dogs. Rose has worked with dogs for over 25 years. The dog parents have witnessed their dogs recover from pain, weakness, and anxiety, and regain balance and bounce thanks to Rose’s Reiki treatments.

Reiki treatments for your dogs are available or learn Reiki and share with your pets; dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and horses.

Anxious or stressed dogs can be soothed with Reiki, a safe form of energy medicine that promotes deep relaxation. It can be administered either in person or distantly. Chronic stress-related health conditions in dogs can also be treated with Reiki.

In addition to being a dog parent for over 44 years, Rose has been offering Reiki to both humans and dogs for over 25 years.

With experience working with dogs of all sizes, as well as horses, Rose has addressed various symptoms including anxiety, fear, pain and even during and post cancer treatments. In addition to providing peace of mind to the animal parent, Reiki treatments benefit dogs and horses in many ways.

Since Rose was a child, dogs have played an important role in her life. The treatments she provides will be tailored to the needs of your furry loved ones.

Additionally to Reiki, Rose provides dog walking and feeding services to dog parents who are away from their dogs on holidays or during certain weeks.

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The world benefits from Reiki & Dogs Let’s keep our dogs healthy!

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