Relaxed and fulfilled, that’s I how I feel this early morning. Yesterday was a world wind, yet so relaxing. Hmmmm all in the same breath. We had six parties this weekend. Friday night, Chanukah at my parents, with the kids and cousin Fran. Saturday afternoon at a friends (drop in and we did! Christmassy (thus the plus)) And Sunday we had four parties. We had to forfeit one, it was a logistics choice.

Sunday Chanukah brunch with my side of the family at cousin Fran’s. An awesome brunch – yummy food, great to see everyone and Koda was ideal. She had one little opps poop, know one saw except, Evan, Staci, Nick, Joe, Jeff and of course I was quietly and very efficiently cleaning it up, while all the other quests were enjoying food and talk. It was very funny! Like a silent film from the 20’s with the comedy happening in the background and life going on around it. Other than that she was a perfect house guest. And continued to be all day long. Party number two (drop in at Jeff’s clients). This was a depute holiday part with completetion of their newly renovated home. It was amazing; the house is stunning, each room finished to perfection. I got a private tour from the contractor, I know him personally, LOL. I am very proud of my husband’s work, he has an eye for detail that is beyond spectacular and every home he renovates turns out to be unique and ideal for each individual home owner.

Then we went home for a bit. Koda had an early dinner, a quick walk and back in the SUV for our drive downtown. I experienced the day being very present and happy, and from my sidebar self (my view of life as a movie or tv series), I saw us in a sit-com running from party to party swiftly, organized and fun.

Our third party was great as well, it was with my family on my husbands side. LOL! Either way it’s all my family. It’s always great to see the kids (mine of course and my nieces), (all grown and in wonderful relationships with excellent husbands/boyfriends). Food was vegetarian, with a single chicken dish, that was apparently outstanding. Everybody brought something from soup to dessert. Yum all around!

It was a yummy, fun and fulfilling day. Tired this morning with a sense of being happy! And my puppy, well all I can say is… she is fabulous. (Like her mother)!

Have a great beginning to a holiday week!

hugs with love, Rose