There’s a Spring Flu? Remedy Protocol +

Generally we get all the media hype about the flu in the fall. But, over the past few weeks, there’s spring media hype about a Spring Flu. A Spring Flu? Yup, there is a nasty spring flu this year. It could be the wonky weather, spreading virus’s to and fro. For some it could be your wonderful stressful lives driving you past your physical and mental limits. What ever it is, there is a spring flu this year, and I found out first hand. In a moment I will share my personal story and of course a few wonderful remedies to treat colds and the flu.

First, lets look back to when I was a kid, and my mother would tell me to wear a coat, gloves, boots, or take a rain jacket depending on the weather conditions that day, especially during the fall. And then, like a simple media blast, she would say, “It’s cold season.” Under my breath, I would say, “ya, I know, it’s cold, ’cause we just finished summer.” I know that I’m not a genius, but I do get that the cold or colder season follows the warmer season and yin and yang that in the spring time. Out loud I would answer, “Thanks for the news tip!” I appreciated mom’s weather tips, although, there still was a bit of comedy in my answers, some might view it as a bit of sarcastic banter. Do you know why I appreciated my mom letting me know the weather outside? Well, that was the only way, outside of looking outside or going outside to see what the weather was like, I would wait to hear my mother’s daily weather report. Little did she know that every morning, upon waking I would look outside my window to see the energy of the day, the weather, the little critters that roomed outside, anything to do with nature. But, never the less, it was good to have my very own channel 22 speaking live from the kitchen.

Today, we have all kinds of weather reminders. It’s like 24/7 all these ‘mom’ like messages about the weather, only it’s in HD! And of course on top of all the media, social media etc, we are Canadian, so small talk to us is always weather related. I have to LOL this! We Canadians rock the weather, don’t we?

So, let’s talk about this Spring Flu. A week ago Thursday, I felt a bit of an itch in my throat. Four reasons why I listen to my body, mind and soul when it speaks to me. One, because I am a wellness expert, this is my mastery, listening, interpreting, then choosing a remedy, or modality, is something that I do to for self and others to help heal full energy levels; physically, mentally and spiritually. And two, because I’ve lived on the others side of real illness and I will do everything in my human-being like powers to never live there again. Three, I’ve taken a spiritual life oath to help others in the best way possible so they can live healthy feelgood lives, it’s kinda my ‘superman/girl energy’. And now for the fourth reason why I listen to my body, mind and soul, when it speaks to me, because my mother taught me to take care of myself. When I was a kid, we would be just finishing a visit at the doctor, dentist or eye doctor, my mother would schedule the next appointment. She still does this at 87, it’s amazing! I learned from this and I hope that I am and have instilled this wellness example in my kids and my clients.

So back to the itch in my throat, a week ago Thursday. I listened, I chose some remedies, and I did some hands on Reiki on myself at bed time. And I was feeling well, I walked Koda the next morning and continued to work and over the next few days, it seemed to subside. Yay! During this time, I came in contact with a few clients who had bad colds, and a few other individuals with cold/flu like symptoms in my day-to-day travels. Recommending to them my simple immune boost tips and some remedies to take depending on their symptoms. The protocols for wellness during this season will follow this story. Generally I don’t catch others colds, flus, etc, I follow my protocols and all is good.

But, lets remember something that I was reminded of this past Tuesday morning, “I too, am part human!” I woke up with a little sniffle, headache and feeling of low energy. I still walked Koda, and then decided to honour how I felt and stayed home, did lot’s of admin work that needed to get done. And Renewed my annual licensing with the College of Homeopaths, before the April 1st, due date. The day was good, the night was when I felt not quit as good. Runny nose, head hurting and fatigue. So a cold, correct. Okay I took all the remedies, and went to bed. Upon waking on Wednesday, and yes, I did walk Koda, I decided to cancel my work day and stay home and once again honour that I was un-well. I don’t do sick, but I can, for a short period of time do un-well. Over the next few days, I stayed in, with the exception of walking Koda at 6:30am, and going out to get chicken soup fixins’.

Then on Thursday, my energy was better, and I did some more food shopping, and errands, and went to Seroyal to pick up some remedies I ordered. So here’s the cool thing that happened that promoted this story.

Alongside the remedies I ordered, there was a bag with a remedy that I also picked up, it was a back order. A back order from the fall. I looked in the bag, pulled out the remedy, it was the 2015/2016 flu remedy that I offer free to my clients to help boost their immune systems for the season. Well I started to laugh, it didn’t show up in the fall, not sure exactly what happened. And the day it’s waiting for pick up is the day I most need it.

I got home and alongside all the remedies I was taking I took 2 pellets of Influenzinum 30c, let them dissolve under my tongue as prescribed by my homeopath, AKA me. And the coolest thing happened, I had what is termed a homeopathic aggravation, the worsen of symptoms for a short period of time and then better, better and all better.

It’s Monday and over the past 3 days, all is good. Back 87% full energy, did lots of spring cleaning in my home, which makes me feelgood! And today back at work, seeing clients.

As always, I like to keep things stupid simple for wellness and the sometimes un-wellness days. Below is a few cold and flu remedies to have on hand, as well as the immune boost that I use, with the cold or flu or even throughout the year. There are many homeopathic remedies available, 1000’s and if your symptoms are more chronic, meaning they last longer than a day or so, then it’s best to get in touch with me to make sure that you are taking the best choice remedy to help you or your family rid yourself of your symptoms and un-wellness. Here are some of the remedies that I took, alongside, Reiki/Energy Balancing, and some acupuncture.

First morning drink: Warm water with 2 or 3 drops of oregano oil and cayenne pepper oil. To help your immune system. 

Some Benefits of Cayenne Pepper:
  • Helps Digestion. One of the major cayenne pepper benefits is the positive effect it has on the digestive system.
  • Can help with Migraine Pain.
  • Provides Detox Support.
  • Can help with Joint and Nerve Pain.
  • May Support Weight Loss.
  • Works as Anti-Inflammatory
  • Boosts Metabolism.

Some Benefits of Oregano Oil:

  • Uses of Oregano Oil as a powerful antimicrobial that can help fight off infections.
  • Oregano oil also has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties.

Some Benefits of INFLUENZINUM  – a natural immune booster – A natural flu protection recommended by complementary healthcare providers. 1 Dose offered free by Rose A. Weinberg, HOM, Homeopath

  • strengthen the body and increase its resistance to the season’s flu viruses,
  • relieve flu symptoms such as body aches, nausea, chills, fever, headaches, sore throat, coughs, and congestion,
  • deal with after effects of the flu,
  • enforce the flu vaccine’s action if you have opted for the flu shot, and
  • alleviate adverse effects of the flu shot.

Influenzinum 12C or 30C is a popular holistic flu remedy that has been used for more than a century around the world to provide natural protection against cold and flu viruses during the fall and winter months.

A few Homeopathic Remedies to have on hand: for more contact

Click for information on Allium Cepa, Pytolaccia, Nux Vomica (Columbrina) and Belledonna

These are just a few remedies for runny nose, sore throat, upset digestion, fever, cough, chills and aches and pains. My main symptoms were runny nose, headache, and soon after that a cough. All the remedies I took, help me with in hours of taking them to feel better and stronger. The greatest notice I share with regards to taking a homeopathic remedy is that once you are better from being un-well you are better. There is no residual after effects from being un-well or from the remedies. In my view, this is brilliant.

Please note that there are many other homeopathic remedy options depending on your symptoms. Please contact me if you or your family member is in need of a consult for cold and flu remedies.

Or purchase: OSCILLOCOCCINUM* – can be purchased at any health food store in GTA, click the name and read about it.

*Recommendation on taking Oscillococcium Several of the tiny pellets at once, under the tongue, let dissolve. Then repeat 1 hour later. Then repeat one more dose at night if the first two doses were taken in the morning. If the first two doses were taken in the evening, take the third dose the following morning.

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