BECAUSE it is! Ground Hog Day is the bestest day ever. The Famous Canadian Ground Hog Day made fame 1 year before my birth year, coincidence? I think not! It was all in place for me and all of you who are GHD fans! As soon as I found out about the Wiarton family (Ground Hogs in Wiarton, Ontario, Canada) I choose this day, because I love spring and Wiarton Willie represents spring, outdoors, freshness and FUN!!! Check out the todays news I love GHD ’cause Spring follows. I love GHD ’cause the news is all about people outside in the middle of winter looking at a ground hog. Now that’s fun! I love GHD ’cause the ground hog has no clue that it is an icon. I love GHD because I choose to LOVE Ground Hog Day! Let me know why you love Ground Hog Day or let me know why you don’t love Ground Hog Day or let me know if you even knew that Ground Hog Day exisits! Text me, email me, tweet me, facebook me, or be like a Flinstone and call me – lets talk Ground Hog Day! Inspire me with your thoughts on the greatest day of the year and I will be sure to inspire you with my thoughts. Then lets connect and talk about an action plan to get ready for spring, – shorts, tank tops, hair blowing in the wind CLEAN LIVER & LOTS of ENERGY – SPRING Yeah! Contact me!

I love you big, keep dancin’ (especially if its snowing), inspire! Rose–the-legend-of-wiarton-willie-lives-on