3 Big Life Changes!

By Jon Yaneff — healthy and conscious lifestyle writer at WellBeing Stadium — www.wellbeingstadium.com

It was September 2011 when I knew that I needed to take action within the foundations of my life, but it really took me a while to learn what that meant.

Society is trained to perceive that foundations start with having a job, making money, then getting married. Sustaining a living and having a mutual and rewarding partner are important, but having success in the three areas of life below allow for ever-lasting personal and inner growth and development.

Food and Nutrition: For a few years in my mid-20s, I found myself taking walks in grocery stores. Sometimes I wouldn’t even purchase anything—I’d just walk, taking in where I was and what was around me. At the time I hadn’t an idea why I was doing this, I was just doing it.

I had also volunteered at the local food pantry. The theme of food seemed to be present. I “Now” realize that food must be present in my life, where I would understand what food actually is. I am now going back to school for holistic nutrition to learn more about “real foods” as a healing modality, which the whole concept seemed so foreign just a few years ago.

A Present/Spiritual Mentality: Just being open for change is the first step—I didn’t know what that was, but at least I knew that a change was necessary. I read a couple of self-help books (The Secret and You Can Heal Your Life), to help the process along, upon suggestion from a friend. Bringing more positivity and loving thoughts into my life, helped more positive change and a solid foundation in other areas of my life.

An introduction to self-help/spirituality books made me open to explore my constant exploration of improving my self, as well as my Self (my soul or higher self). This outlook on life has helped me meet lots of new friends, which reflect my valued qualities—love, peace, compassion and gratitude.

Inspired Exercise: At times throughout high school and college, I had a semi-regular exercise routine, hitting the weights three or four times a week. But, I never saw any results. Why? It was because my routine didn’t change. I still ate the same unhealthy foods more often than not, which meant the gym didn’t motivate me, or produce any results.

When a friend suggested I try yoga with her, I have to admit, I was nervous. But, I put that doubt aside, showed my courage and just made an effort to show up. I’ve since been practising various forms of yoga for almost two years. It’s made perfect sense for me, combining regular exercise (four to five times per week) with spirituality (staying present with calmness and peace).

I also enjoy walking, which allows me to take in nature and my environment, with deep thought, breath and inspired insight.

I believe that what you put into your body (food and nutrition), positive mental focus (a present and spiritual outlook) and regular exercise routine (inspired exercise), are the foundations for an inspired and meaningful life.

When your life isn’t going as planned, take a step back and plant the seeds for a solid foundation, and everyone around you will see the results grow!