Benefits of Reiki Energy…

Reiki Energy feels like warm gentle sunshine flowing through your being.

Reiki (Ray Key) is a Japanese kanji for universal life energy. Reiki promotes relaxation, calmness and balance. Reiki Energy Therapy is complementary to all other treatments and therapies.

Reiki promotes relaxation, calmness and balance. Having a Reiki session with our experienced Reiki Master, Rose is complementary to all other treatments and therapies. Reiki along side energy balancing is a specialty of our in clinic Reiki Master. Some benefits from a Reiki session with Rose are dissipating energy blocks to promote natural balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Your energy will increase for all areas of your life. You may experience a transformation at work, rest or play.

When often asked, “What is Reiki!” I refer to how my husband, Jeff tells people what I do. He asks everyone if they’ve seen the movie ‘the Karate Kid?’ Watch this! Both Mr. Miyagi and I shift transformational energy, my approach is a very gentle version. Being a huge fan of this movie, both Jeff and I believe that Mr. Miyagi, like myself does Reiki with love, peace and purpose.

Reiki can be part of your everyday life! Either through a Reiki treatment from a Reiki Master or Reiki Practitioner or by learning Reiki.

My rawenergyReiki Vision & Mission: “With love and gratitude I share Reiki. Over the years I have connected with 1000’s and taught 100’s of people Reiki. Teaching Reiki is a passion for me, with the intention of offering the knowledge that living a powerful feelgood life is simpler than one thinks! Reiki has helped me master my fear and anxiety, it has played an integral role in assisting my family to live our best lives. Reiki will transform anxiety, physical ailments, mental stress and is a means of connection to expanding intuitive and spiritual enlightenment.”

“My vision and is to share the awareness of the extraordinary benefits of Reiki Energy on a global level. My mission is to empower as many people as possible with Reiki to live their best life by having this sustainable healing energy available to them in the palm of their hands.

With love & gratitude, feelgood Rose

I trust that sharing the gift of Reiki benefits the world in a sustainable, peaceful and loving way. The world benefits from Reiki.

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*Private Reiki Classes available upon request