Here’s what others are saying about Rose & her books!

“It has been my privilege to be  Rose’s  client for Reiki treatments for many years. During this time, she has proven to be insightful, very effective and has enriched my life on numerous levels. Rose sent distant  Reiki to me while I was going into labour to deliver my son. I was beyond astonished to find that during the peek of my labour, my contractions were almost painless. I actually enjoyed  my delivery and had my son almost effortlessly within a few hours of being induced. I am so grateful to Rose for making this day even more special.”

Lauren, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Your book with the 93 insights is helpful, funny and effective to integrate into life with those bite-sized insights per page. Before I knew it I was half way through! Quote, funny anecdote, one line summary. So precise and a great to work through.
Lisa Swarbrick, SomaFit Wellness


Rose is a wonderful healer with an amazing intuition, combining a wise, deeply caring heart with a warm sense of humor.
Dr. Carmen Kun, Family Physician Scarborough, Ontario


Rose is an extraordinary person that is committed to helping humanity, her heart and spirit is a blessing for all of us, it’s people like Rose that show us what mankind is capable of, she is a true hero…
Brian Nugent, CEO of Brian Nugent International,Toronto, Canada


Rose has an amazingly humorous perspective on the challenges of everyday life. She captures the power of positivity in her anecdotes and stories but keeps the realism of a being a modern woman and entrepreneur. Relatable, empowering and FABULOUS!
Lori Ann Ferrera, Project Coordinator Sunnybrook – St. John’s Rehab Hospital Toronto, Canada


Rose A. Weinberg is a dynamic, fabulous, ageless woman. She exudes a love of life and exemplifies a healthy lifestyle. She generously teaches what she knows to others. Rose is passionate about wellness for everyone, whether they access a sense of well being through Reiki, Homeopathy or other sound methods. For all these reasons, I chose Rose to be my writing, creative and business partner for a series of books for children called “The Beamery Series.
Heather Skoll, President Movement From Within Inc., Co-owner of Poofwanda Productions Richmond Hill, Canada


Rose A. Weinberg brings her message of transformation to a life of vitality and well-being. She is an inspirational and visionary teacher who is guiding a new generation on a path of physical and spiritual wholeness. Rose shares her unique gifts and talents as a public speaker, a teacher of Reiki and through Project Beam On, which supports people living with cancer.”
Rabbi Danny Gottlieb, Congregation Beth Israel Judea San Francisco, CA, USA


In life’s travels, we should consider ourselves fortunate to know an individual with one of these traits: inspiring, driven, intuitive, caring and noble … Rose A. Weinberg possesses all of them. Thank you Rose for dedicating your life to helping others and being the calm during the storm.”
Anthony Mannone, Regional Manager Small Business Royal Bank of Canada Toronto, Canada


Rose is a gifted and connected teacher. I learned Reiki from Rose to benefit my loved ones, and in turn discovered that I now have a talent to heal anyone who needs my help. Her connectedness, energy and spirit make her a leader and mentor. I am honoured to have learned my gifts through Rose’s teachings, and I would recommend her program to anyone who wants to expand their own abilities to connect with their inner self.
Tash (Natashia) Jefferies, Author, Sustainability Consultant Owner and Founder of Green Minutes Canada


Rose is a wonderful and caring person. She took the struggles of her life and lessons and encourages people to lead a life with wellness and empowerment. Rose has devoted her life to helping others through her journey and experiences to encourage health and wellness even when struggling with cancer. I am proud of her accomplishments, unselfishness, kindness and overall as she calls it “feel good” that we all sense when we are near her. Rose’s aura is transferred in her practices and life and through her skills as a Reiki teacher. We are all so blessed to have had her in our lives and for all she touches.
Debra Thuet, President Market Essentials Group Toronto, Canada


I loved the last chapters. They all point the way to an uplifted life with all the contrasts that life has to offer and the empowerment that each person can have over the adversaries of life. The quotes were wonderful, and the”living in the know” summarizes it all. I love the play on words “now”, “know”, “do.”
Ruth Adams, Retired Business Owner, Mom, Wife, Grandmother, Cousin, 2x cancer survivor Sunnyvale, California


…very insightful, fun read, inspiring and charming.”


…I am laughing! …too funny! …how true! …how true! …love it!”
Rhona Felt-Stein, Occupational Therapist Director York Paediatric Therapy Services Inc.


Rose and her words are truly genuine – quality that’s hard to find nowadays. Rose has inspired me to listen and be attuned to my body, mind, and soul. Rose continues to save my life in ways I can’t explain. Rose has an infectious smile :) Her words touch the soul. Her words are inspirational. Her wisdom is beyond her years; she truly is an old soul. Rose is inspirational. Rose helps you understand that you are not alone in this universe. Rose taught me how to go forward on my journey called life. Encouraging. Rose taught me to embrace my spiritual journey.
Celene Alexandra Mariano