Execute your plan successfully, connect to intuitive guidance

Rose A. Weinberg, among vast training in business, marketing, and wellness areas, offers a Sage approach to Holistic Business and Event Consultanting. You can connect with an intuitive, responsive, and creative process to execute your plan successfully to higher guidance.

Create, build, and launch with guidance

You’ve defined your business or event model, the sketched message it’s about to reveal, and created a marketing plan, budget, and how many humans you need to build and ultimately launch your new business or event.

Now what? You’ve defined, sketched, and created! Are just about ready?

Don’t miss the simple essential details when your Startup or corporate event launches.  There is no perfect solution for when, where, and how to start. Tap into an intuitive part of the business model or upcoming event that would offer finite messages for successful execution. The most important step comes next. Create, build and launch with guidance. 

Rose, the ‘Intuitive Sage,’ can tap into you and your team’s guidance personally and professionally. She will be your intuitive ear and eyes to see the micro finite finishing touches to help you feel confident, empowered, and focused on a level that will make your success happen with ease and enlightenment while building prosperity.

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