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Wellness Sage | Author | Speaker | Homeopath | Reiki Master & Reiki Educator | Nutritionist
Founder & Chair BeamON | Founder The Feel Good Company Inc., Reikifusion™ & rawenergywear™ & Co-Founder WellnessWrx™
Fulfilled Wife ~ Mom ~Bubi (Grandma) ~DogBubi | DogNerd | Ongoing Student of Universal Energy & Martial Arts

One of my humble strengths is helping people find health and wellness solutions for their personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Offering skills and strategies outside the treatment room—real-life solutions for real-life people. With appreciation Rose A. Weinberg

Rose A. Weinberg transformed her past of panic disorder, fear, and undiagnosed autoimmune disease, into a spiritual journey of wellbeing. Through a commitment to her own personal growth, she fulfilled her 3 purposes at age 31. To be an extraordinary wife and mom to her extraordinary husband and two kids, to find her purpose, and to simply feelgood. Today, Rose lives feelgood, and helps others with their own transformations to feelgood. And she humbles herself as a fulfilled Wife, Mom, DogMom, Bubi, and DogBubi. Over the past 24 years, Rose created a unique approach to attainable and sustainable wellness, offering people solutions, skills, and strategies to feelgood at work, rest, and play.

Rose A. Weinberg, Registered Homeopath, Reiki Master and Educator, Nutritionist, Author, and Speaker, has a business and marketing background, Creator of Reikifusion™, rawenergywear™, Distinguished Toastmaster, dog lover-nerd, and a Fulfilled Wife, Mom, Bubi (Grandmom)

In 2006 Rose founded The Feel Good Company Inc.

In 2011 Rose founded and created Project BeamON, a worldwide not-for-profit organization committed to donating Reiki-blankets to people with cancer to provide comfort, warmth, and peace during their healing process.

In 2017 Rose founded WellnessWrx Inc.


Rose’s feelgood message is “Live one day at a time, in purpose to achieve peace of mind and have oodles of fun doing it!”

Rose has created a safe space for others to find their feelgood life. She offers this through professional training, her stories, and first-hand experience.

Over the past 23 years, Rose has taught, mentored, and advised others with solutions, skills, and strategies (3S) on how to live outside the treatment room—real-life solutions for real-life people.

Rose is an authentic Sage that offers an intuitive, fun, and vibrant approach to wellness.

I’m passionate about people empowering themselves to feelgood”

Rose A. Weinberg; Wellness Sage | Author | Speaker | Registered Homeopath | Reiki Master & Reiki Educator | Nutritionist | Fulfilled Wife ~ Mom ~Bubi (Grandma) ~DogBubi | DogNerd | Ongoing Student of Universal Energy and Martial Arts

Rose is the Founder, and CEO of The Feel Good Company Inc. | Co-Founder, President, and Chief Wellness Sage of WellnessWrx Inc. | Founder, Chair, and Volunteer at Project BeamON

Published Work:

“Go Forward: How my obsession with illness became my passion for health” released in 2005, has impacted thousands of lives. This is Rose’s story about her fears, panic attacks, and undiagnosed autoimmune disease, alongside her life as a child of Holocaust survivors. Throughout her childhood, teens, and young adolescence, she believed that there was a ‘feelgood’ life for her. She found her feelgood life by discovering Homeopathy, Reiki, Energy intuitiveness, holistic lifestyle, and simple daily meditation.

“the feelgood life! 93 feelgood-insights to keep life stupid simple” which was released in 2013. Rose is living a vibrant life in her community of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, with her family. She is greatly admired and frequently appears on radio, television, and corporate platforms such as seminars and workshops, inspiring people to live real lives.

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