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Rose’s workshops, lunch & learns, talks are all interactive. She will engage you and your audience with vibrancy and RAWenergy. Audiences from all over love Rose’s energetic and passionate way she shares her story from illness to wellness, and over the past 24 years offers attainable and sustainable wellness to everyone. At work, rest or play Rose is an entertaining and educational speaker who will inspire an audience big or small!

What People are Saying…

“Rose, I loved your workshop. Having done Reiki at level 2 I really appreciated your timely message. Raising our vibration is what the world really needs in these times we live in. You were more than the icing at the conference. You were the cherry at the top. Thank you!!”
Brahm Memone, District 86 Fall 2015 Conference Chair
“It’s us who should thank you. Your message was clear and your delivery very energetic. Thank you for ending our conference on such a high note.”
Jocelyne Vezina, District 86 Fall 2015 Conference Chair
“Recently I had an opportunity to attend Rose’s Presentation on, ‘Stressed-out to feelgood’ at Seneca Workforce Centre in Vaughan, “It was an excellent presentation and empowering experience, I really enjoyed it. Topics such as ‘over coming fear,’ ‘discover the power of your passion‘ and ‘why it’s so important to create confidence in yourself,’ were presented very empathetically. The way Rose connected with audience was exceptional.”
Murtaza Jaffrey, Business Advisor, Consultant and Trainer, JAFFREY ENTERPRISES LIMITED
“Yesterday’s Woman-To-Woman event was incredible. Rose A. Weinberg = Wellness Expert, Author, Speaker inspired 700+ women to breathe and destress! And I have to admit, when she said from the podium, “Contact me on Facebook, Twitter Or LinkedIn” with such confidence — I felt a twinge of pride!”
Sarah Zeldman, The E-Marketing Maven
“Thank you for a very informative and stimulating presentation yesterday evening. We thoroughly enjoyed it. We hope to have you back for another topic at another time.”
Irene Alpert, Branch of National Council of Jewish Women of Canada-Toronto Section
Thanks for speaking last night. We are all now all breathing well.
“Rose spoke at our event and she was engaging, entertaining and fun, with a great message and a lot of insight. The audience was appreciative of Rose’s teachings and we had a lot of great comments about her style, technique and message. We would definitely have her back!”
Colleen Lindberg, Embrace The G.R.E.A.T You EVENT
Rose A Weinberg delivered quite an interactive calming workshop. I really liked her approach… her aura. Her presentation was credible, doable, practical, and appropriate for the busy frantic extreme multi-tasker – the type A personality.
“Rose’s presentation was engaging, education and inspiring!”
Sarah Zeldman, The E-Marketing Maven, Social Media Speaker, Strategist, Instructor/Mentor
“On behalf of Stroke Recovery Association, York Region, we graciously thank you for an informative discussion and Reiki demonstration. The breathing technique that you taught us really does help; allowing a sense of calmness. Our members were delighted and we welcome you Rose to come back in September for further discussions and demonstrations.”
Stroke Recovery Association York Region

“I am grateful to be an energy philanthropist. I offer knowledge, insights and rawenergy to others with the vision of empowering them to live the their best life!”

Rose A. Weinberg, Wellness Expert, Author, Inspired Speaker Founder, Chair of beamON, Homeopath, Nutritionist, Reiki Master and Certified Reiki Educator, Workshop – initiatives & strategies


Rose being interviewed by a Movie Production Company

Rose A. Weinberg is a Wellness Expert, Author, and Inspired Speaker… a woman who wears many hats, as an admired Homeopath, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master and Educator, Workshop Facilitator, passionate wife and mom. Rose’s purpose is to touch the lives of others with inspiration, empowerment and simplicity. Rose’s passion and charm are empowering! Her voice inspires choice and how to self-empower through the simple choice to ‘feelgood,’ even when life feels complicated, stressed, panic-driven or crazy. Rose is an open book. Her first book, “Go Forward: How my obsession with illness became my passion for health,” released in 2005, has impacted thousands of lives. She is open about how her fears, anxiety, panic attacks, undiagnosed autoimmune disease and being a child of holocaust survivors impacted her, throughout her childhood, teens and young adolescence helped inspire her heartfelt messages to her audience, “if you keep searching you will find your wellness and purpose,” and “about creating stupid simple wellness” within your life. Her second book “The feelgood life! 93 feelgood insights to keep life stupid simple,” is set for a 2013 release. For the past 14 years Rose has been in the public eye as a professional speaker, touching lives through her books, her private practice, radio, television, workshops, seminars, and through various speaking platforms (corporate, charitable and other organizations). She is an inspiration to others with her story and professional knowledge. Audiences resonate with her open, friendly and lovingly expressive flow, as she offers busy, working, family-oriented and goal-setting individuals ways to live the feelgood life, even when stress gets in the way. Book Rose for your private or corporate events! You will certainly be amazed at the personal, professional and spiritual results you and your group will achieve! ‘feelgood’ and Be Inspired By Rose Today!


Speaker Topics vary to suit the needs of the group, company or organization

All Rose’s talks are interactive, the audience will love have an hour or more with Rose as she shares her simple results inspired feelgood-insights!


Topic Suggestions: All topics will be created with purposeful to reflect your company, group, organizations core values

  • Vibration of Conversation
  • Reikifusion Attainable Wellness
  • Grow your business with Purpose!
  • feelgood at Work & Play!
  • Empower Yourself with YOU!
  • from Stressed-out to feelgood!
  • #NOWBreath & #thefeelgoodlife
  • Meditation and feelgoodMartini
  • Introduction to Reiki; the benefits, how it works and how it can help you in achieve personally, professionally and spiritually.
  • Life’s to short to worry about spelling mistakes!

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