4 *Homeopathic Remedies for everyday use = from the (soon to come) book; feelgoodHomepathy for everyday! by Rose A. Weinberg

Allium Cepa: The onion like cold symptoms why-do-onion-make-you-cry-scientific-explanation2

Some uses for Allium Cepa:

Fresh runny nose, runny eyes, cold like symptoms. Like cutting into an onion and your eyes and nose start to run, burn, and get red, these are the same symptoms for colds with a runny nose, runny eyes.


Belledonna: For Fever, Excessive Heat, Hot Flashes


Some uses for Belledonna

Fever, heat of any kind (sun include), hot flashes, earaches, menstrual type cramps

Columbrina or Nux Vomica: OVERWORKED physically, mentally & emotionally!


“I ate to much… my tummy is sooooo sore!”

Some uses for Columbrina or Nux Vomica

Over indulged in food, work, alcohol, and sleeplessness. Take this remedy with any of the remedies for cold and flu. This remedy will support your digestive system.

Stomachaches of any kind, diarrhea, constipation, over worked mentally or physically.


Phytolacca: Sore and swollen Throat (Strep like pain)


“My throat is so painful and swollen, I don’t want to talk

Some uses for Phytolacca

Sore and swollen throats (strep like), infectious swollen glands in the neck

How to take homeopathic remedies for acute illness (un-wellness):

Take 2 pellets of the chosen homeopathic remedy, place it under the tongue and let dissolve.

Always take homeopathic remedies 15-20 minutes before and after eating, drinking, teeth brushing and gum chewing.

In acute illness: Take 2 pellets as describe above, then repeat in approximately 30 minutes, then repeat 1 hour after that. Over 1.5 hours, you will be taking 3 doses of the same remedy and this will help kick start the healing process from your cold or flu.

*Please note; anyone reading this post, note that Homeopathic remedies are safe and are available at health food stores and some other main stream food and drug stores, it’s best to take remedies under the advise of a Trained Registered Homeopath.