A DRIVE BY HUG! That’s what I got today, when I stopped with Koda at the corner of Lucas and Levendale this morning. I waved on a car that wanted to turn left. The drive was being a gentleman and offering for us to cross the street first. So I in turn, as I often do, I offered for him to make his turn. Just as he took me up on my offer, I look at the older smiley faced women with her arms crossed in hug position and then gesturing that this hug was meant for me. OMG! I gave a here a huge grade3smile and nodded with gratitude. Amazing how a simple kind gesture can turn into an act of pure love and joy!

Rightbackatcha Drivebyhuglady, you are forever in my heart!

I am so elated when I meet another member of the ‘secret society of happy people!’ WOW!