Arugula, my  love! I will never give up spinach as my green peeps, but arugula is for now my hand full of green; morning, noon and night. It’s got an oak-like shape leaf and has a bit of a spicy taste, it’s flavourful. Eat-it-raw or slightly cooked. It’s a great add on to pasta sauce. I love-it-raw!

Arugula has fiber and helps promote digestive regularity. It helps tummy feelgood. It also can lower cholesterol, balance blood sugar and it has a lot of chlorophyll so it helps to alkaline the body.

1. Arugula has been know to be detoxifying, cancer-fighting super food. This family of vegetables is high in fibre and antioxidants.

2. Arugula has high levels of chlorophyll, which can help to prevent DNA and liver damage — carcinogenic substances produced by mold sometimes found in corn, peanuts and some tree nuts. To preserve the chlorophyll in arugula – eat it raw.

3. Arugula promotes bone health. It contains eight times more calcium than iceberg lettuce as well as vitamin K, which is important for the absorption of calcium. Vitamin K also helps prevent heart disease.

4. Eating arugula can help reduce inflammation.

5. Eating arugula can protect the aging brain and cognitive decline. Arugula is high in most of the B vitamins.