Jeff always knows the perfect gift for me on or before my birthday. Along side dinner on Saturday at Chococrepe with surprise guests, Evan and Joe (even Jeff was surprised) we had a great time, and a great meal. Yesterday after teaching a transformational Reiki workshop with eight of my Reiki student-peeps and Nasreen (guest speaker) Reiki Master (Sensai) from Japan Reiki Association Canada Branch, Jeff surprised me with yet another great birthday gift. This is a great addition to his unique, practical and “I know the perfect gift for my wife”, a few months supply of bounty. My kitchen is not complete without ample bounty. So yea, for Jeff and he got it on sale at Canadian Tire, that always makes him happy. And then Jeff suggested we go the Made in Mexico for dinner and I asked if I could drive his truck. And he said, “it’s your birthday week, so yes!” I drove back too! Fun! Simple feelgood moments for the feelgood life! P.S. the feelgood life e-book will be available tomorrow on line at

This was a great addition to the spices from The Spice Trader on Queen Street and treats Heather brought me. Great story, when Heather was purchasing the spices yesterday at The Spice Trader, the person cashing her out offered her one of my magic purple pens which I gave to the owner some months back, Heather looked up and said, “This is gift is for her and pointed to my name on the pen”. How cool is that? These gifts were a great addition to the great flowers and chocolate I received 10 days ago from Aly’s family, (I can’t believe are still in full bloom over a week later – this is a first for me). Where’s the chocolate you ask? Gone and not for-yummy-gotten!

Life is all good! Happy two more days until July 10th, 2013!

I love my peeps!

I love my peeps! And Koda too!