Rose A. Weinberg Helps the World ‘feelgood!’

By Jon Yaneff — healthy and conscious lifestyle writer at WellBeing Stadium —

Who is Rose A. Weinberg?

She is a ‘feelgood’ woman with the same life mantra as Ellen Degeneres, “Making people feel good is all I ever wanted to do.”

She is the president of The Feel Good Company Inc. She is the founder, CEO and chair of Project Beam On Reiki Energy Therapy, which donates Reiki-attuned blankets to cancer patients worldwide for comfort and warmth. She is a homeopath, Reiki master and certified Reiki educator, workshop facilitator, inspired speaker and…author.

Weinberg released her first book, “Go Forward: How my obsession with illness became my passion for health, in 2005. The book is geared around finding your wellness and life purpose. Weinberg’s second book follows the same vein, providing insight through personal inspirational quotes as well as from others, and a ‘simple feelgood-insight’ in all 93 chapters. The book is called, ‘the feelgood life! 93 feelgood-insights to keep life stupid simple!”

The essence of Weinberg explodes just in the title, and spreads throughout the pages.

An example you ask? Re: Chapter 3 and simple feelgood-insight #3: KISS = Keep it simple stupid, or as she sees it, “Keep it stupid simple!”

After Weinberg learned to breathe and transform her fears and anxiety into calmness, trust and simplicity, and this is a perfect combination for her ‘feelgood’ life.

When reading each ‘feelgood’ insight, it has you wanting to hear the next. Simple feelgood-insight #13: See yourself as a diamond, brilliant and playful.

Playful you say? What else does she say? “Life’s to short to worry about spelling mistakes!”

More of a grammar/spelling mistake Weinberg, but who’s worried? lol

The ‘feelgood’ moments vary from playful to touching. You experience Weinberg at her best, to her more vulnerable side as well. During chapter 86 she dedicates the book to her 14-year-old dog, Jag, who passed away during the writing of the book.

“Thanks for taking me on walks to keep me in shape, giving me the creative space to talk and see the feelgood-insights I needed to see, and thank you for every fuzzy hug you ever gave my family and I,” says Weinberg in the book.

Also making an appearance in the book are ‘feelgood’ insights inspired by friends and family, including her husband and best friend Jeff, and her children, Evan and Staci, and cousin Ruth.

Such as, “One day at a time,” says cousin Ruth to Weinberg, every time they speak, inspiring simple feelgood-insight #17: Be reliable and truthful to yourself and live one day at a time. It is possible. Simply trust it!

This brings us back to Weinberg and one of her inspirational influences: Ellen!

Weinberg writes in chapter 50: “For 2013 I want to have a transformational conversation with Ellen Degeneres. I have just written it down now in this book. I am telling you. I believe deep in my soul that Ellen and I will meet and we will share one huge ‘feelgood’ insight to transform the world.”

They will share: Making people ‘feelgood!’