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I found this article on-line and it has to be one of the most informative articles I’ve seen in a very long time. It covers the what, why and how Candida… an over growth of yeast in the body can affect your feelgood life.

Just back from a magical two-week trip! Jeff and I went to Sri Lanka, it was a gift from a very kind man who knows Jeff. Sri Lanka was magical, but both Jeff and I agree the best part of the trip was spending 15 days together 24/7. I feel blessed and grateful to have experienced this and I will write about it soon and post pictures.

What I want to offer today, is information for you to view wether candida is the root of some of the evil happening in your body, which ultimately affects the mind. After all if the body feels sluggish the mind will follow. And vice versa.

For me, candida was one of the key things that I address many years back, when I started on my wellness path. When I was a kid I would sit on the kitchen floor eating sugar cubes from the blue ceramic dish my mother had placed them in. Even when my mother tried to hide the bowl, I would find it and munch away, with a chocolate chaser. Yes, I was addicted to sugar. And I was addicted to sugar into my late 30’s until I discovered my path to a holistic lifestyle.

In the article you will read that this is the number one culprit to bring on over growth of candida in the body.

When I was away in Sri Lanka my diet and routine changed. Gluten-free and dairy free was easy in Sri Lanka, their whole cuisine is gluten-free. What was abundant was fruits (which is something I rarely eat) that were exquisite and Sri Lanka deserts that were gluten and dairy free, with white sugar or other natural sugars. As soon as I tried the first bit, I was hooked and day after day I ate the fruit and the deserts every night and sometimes at breakfast or mid-day too. Yummy going down! No feeling the aftermath. Okay, no beating myself up… it’s all good?

Well, It’s spring cleanse time anyways – that is a must each year. As we get sedentary in our lifestyle during the winter. Even if we exercise and eat health, there is a portion of hibernation the human being does in the winter and this winter sucked!

Today, I have chosen to start my full 3 week spring cleanse which includes homeopathy, juicing, eating all the foods that make Rose feelgood!

feelgood-insight; “No matter how healthy you live your life, this includes me, candida can and does over grow in the body, from foods to stress it grows and grows and grows! If you feel your doing all the right stuff and yet you have days where you just don’t feelgood, checking for candida is a wise choice. For me, I generally stay on top of this as a lifestyle choice. Sometimes, even us healthy guru types like to jump off the wagon and indulge! Here’s what I know, over the past 15 years, with all the cleanses I’ve personally tried and the ones I choose to continue to do that are transformational always, always, always include homeopathy. Homeopathy works on a cellular and energetic level. Heres my view; Homeopathy is the most profound and transformational way to really clean up physically and mentally.” feelgood always, Rose

PS… I started my cleanse at 6:30am this morning – it’s 12:15pm and I already feel the shift from feelgood to feelgreat!

Enjoy the article – looking forward to hearing your thoughts!