IMG_3263Happy July 10th, 2013

#grade3smiles to everyone I’ve ever known, to everyone I know and to all those I will soon meet! Tweet #gradesmiles @Rose A. Weinberg. Pass on the #grade3smile, smile it forward!

the feelgood life! 93 feelgood-insights to keep life stupid simple!

the power of the #grade3smile – Chapter #15

 “A laugh is a smile that bursts.” –Mary H. Waldrip, Author

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Adriano Filice age 10, shares that Rose taught him the value of eating asparagus and how it makes his pee smell.

He sends Rose grade5smiles for her #grade3smile birthday!

Smiling increases our endorphin levels and makes us feel happy. Even if we smile at ourselves, our happy hormones kick in and leave us feeling good. Remember photo day in grade three? The photographer said something silly like, “Saycheeeeeeeeeese…” and you smile so big that it took over your little face. Try smiling like that today. Smile big. Allow your smile to be your whole face!

Now, walk up to someone you may or may not know and smile big, allow your light to shine through. Share some light with others through your beautiful smile.

The other day my daughter Staci was shopping and she randomly smiled at a man across the store. Seconds later, he approached her and thanked her for her smile.

A smile is very powerful, and the power of the #grade3smile can change the world. Think about it. Smile at yourself every morning in the mirror. Then, take that smile and greet your family members, co-workers, friends or strangers on the street.

Walk into work with your #grade3smile, smile at the security guard and smile at anyone who passes your way. Then, watch as those people receive your smile, they in turn will share their #grade3smile. Share your #grade3smile every chance you get and pay it forward. Share it with someone you like and even someone you don’t like. Make a difference.

Simple feelgood-insight #15: Believe in the power of the #grade3smile! Smile it forward!