Chapter 23

spiritual family

“The power of spiritual family is as powerful as a simple smile!”

–Rose A. Weinberg, Wellness Expert, Author, Speaker

We are all spiritual souls, here to experience a human journey. Sound complicated? It’s not! It’s deep, it has tremendous meaning and it’s very simple. How is it that we can attend a party with people we have never met, have a conversation with one person and have it instantly feel familiar and comforting? Don’t mess this up with complication; this is my interpretation of spiritual family.

Spiritual family can be any kind of relationship. It’s not the label of the relationship that matters, it’s the deep comforting connection itself.

This example is based on a true story. A woman, who is in her early 50’s, goes on a trip and reconnects with an older family relative, who is just shy of 80. The two have met briefly three or four times over the past 40 years. Each time, they both felt connected when together, or through distant thought, but a continued relationship was never nurtured. The last time they met, the reconnection was so powerful, it was not questioned. They both knew that they would be part of each other’s nows. This was one of those moments that the impact was life changing and questioning it would have complicated the moment. It was clear that the family connection was how the two souls would meet; the human reason. This is spiritual family — a relationship that is comfortable, connected and trusting.

Simple feelgood-insight #23: The miracles of spiritual family — connections that feel so right, and yet, humanly, make no sense at all.