My  whole life, even during my adversities I was always present to being in the know that one of my dreams came true. As Walt Disney said and I quoted in my soon to be released book, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” I love this quote and I clearly get that ‘courage to pursue’ is the key to dreams coming true. From the moment we have a vision, then dare to dream the dream if we want it to come true we then have to choose to purse. This translates to choosing the emotional roller coaster of ups, downs and side ways of big time challenges! Today I had the blessing to experience a dream come true. And for the most part when my vision of this dream came to me this past July, I felt it so strongly that I didn’t have to declare the choice to dream it. I was already in it. Okay you ask, what was the vision and what is my dream come true? Great questions!

Doing yoga with Koda this morning was a dream come true. Not only was the warm and fuzzy moment there that I get when everything just fits, it was a dream come true. Especially after yesterday PURSUING puppyness at it’s finest. Koda, who is an incredibly easy dog to train, filled with love and is an amazing new best friend, still has some puppy moments. And the past few days, she shared a bunch of these moments. On the mat doing my yoga practice this morning with the power yoga cd playing Koda was sharing the space. At first she was walking around me, kissing me on the face and on my hands and feet. I was laser focused and felt so peaceful. My thoughts were clear, I felt powerful in my practice and I was present. She was a big (she is almost huge now) furry ball of love circling around me. Starting with sun salutations, going from upward dog to downward dog, I felt her settle. She plopped herself underneath me, centre to my core. And WoW moment, my vision I had in July when I saw a future me moment with a new ball of fluffy puppy doing yoga feeling bliss. Need I say more!

Since this moment I have been floating with a simple grin, an open heart and feeling that peace and order is all around. I now pay it forward and send this peaceful bliss to you during your purse of your dreams come true.

Simple Insight; “Enjoy the ride from choice to dream come true.” Sending peaceful bliss, Rose